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  1. Boards
    So I was cleaning the garage last week and i found what it seems to be a verry old santa cruz snowboard . I think i bought that in a yard sale a long time ago .. i tried to find the board infos on internet but i cant find anything on it . Can somebody help me ? Is it rare ? What year this board...
  2. Stolen!
    Ive only recently (yesterday) signed up to the forum, and just saw this thread about stolen boards, so thought I would add my story, and wonder if it turned up any results In January 2011 i had my brand new (well, it had been used for 3 days) board nicked from outside a bar in Flaine, France...
  3. Boards
    ok so i'm looking to buy a new board, and previously asked about santa cruz snowboards... haven't heard anything really bad about them or really great from various sources in stores, reviews, and on here... i was looking at the muse in particular, 154 with a 24 waist.. my boot size is 9, so i'm...
1-3 of 3 Results