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  1. this past season edits

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    here are the links to my season edit my mid season and some others check them out. David McCarthy 2013/2014 on Vimeo David McCarthy late mid-season on Vimeo Skull Cakin' on Vimeo White Teeth Teens on Vimeo
  2. Season as Snowboard Instructor

    General Travel Forum
    Hey, Im looking at doing my first season within the next year, i have looked at multiple options of jobs, bar work, chalet work etc but have come across courses offering training to become a snowboard instructor with a guaranteed job at the end of the course for the whole of the season...
  3. Gap Year Snowboarding season

    General Travel Forum
    Hey guys! I'm a student from the UK and I'm going to take a year out before doing my degree. I was wondering if anyone of you out there are doing the same or have done one! Obviously going to work and raise money but being a student cheap is kinda important, I was looking at instructor courses...