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set back

  1. Directional Twin Snowboards

    I have a question. So I was thinking about buying the "Yes. Typo" snowboard. Its just PERFECT for what I need. Except one thing... it's a directional twin. Its set back by 5mm. I would HIGHLY prefer to get a true twin. Is it possible to make the board into a true twin when putting my bindings by...
  2. Park board in Pow

    So I'm from Michigan, going to college in Steamboat, CO. In Michigan, park is all there is to do, so I have a Ride Crook. Steamboat gets dumped on, so I'm looking forward to mad pow, brah. I know I should invest in a powder board, but I just can't spend that kind of money. I figure if I set my...
  3. K2 Brigade changing bindings to no set back?

    So I got a new board the K2 Brigade 2014 a several months ago and I have been tampering with it to find the most comfortable stance. I haven't got a chance to ride it yet but I am going to this winter. I am aware that this board is set back 19mm and its has a dual progressive sidecut. And I am...