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    I have a question. So I was thinking about buying the "Yes. Typo" snowboard. Its just PERFECT for what I need. Except one thing... it's a directional twin. Its set back by 5mm. I would HIGHLY prefer to get a true twin. Is it possible to make the board into a true twin when putting my bindings by...
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    So I'm from Michigan, going to college in Steamboat, CO. In Michigan, park is all there is to do, so I have a Ride Crook. Steamboat gets dumped on, so I'm looking forward to mad pow, brah. I know I should invest in a powder board, but I just can't spend that kind of money. I figure if I set my...
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    So I got a new board the K2 Brigade 2014 a several months ago and I have been tampering with it to find the most comfortable stance. I haven't got a chance to ride it yet but I am going to this winter. I am aware that this board is set back 19mm and its has a dual progressive sidecut. And I am...
1-3 of 3 Results