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  1. Set up a Directional twin as a twin?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. I recently picked up a 165w team exposure snowboard by Nitro. I have a background in wake boarding so really enjoy a twin feel but this board is a Directional twin... I set up my bindings so that it would have the same tip and tail length. I moved my rear...
  2. Setting up asym board - do I still setup for even toe and heel overhang?

    I just got a Never Summer Funslinger, and I am setting up my bindings and boots for it now. Normally, I would set this up to have even toe and heel overhang. However, this board is an asym board, meaning it has a deeper heelside radius. Do I still setup for even toe and heel overhang...
  3. FS - Snowboarding Gear (Boots, Helmet, Goggles, Jacket, padded shorts) - $250

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey, I am selling all of my stuff that I bought last year because I got out of snowboarding and am looking to build a computer instead. I only went snowboarding about 3-4 times so everything is in very good condition. I will be able to part most things out. Prices are negotiable, but the more...
  4. Snowboard Setup Talk

    Hey guys! My name's Halcyon, and I'm a brand-new spankin' member of this forum. I was just looking for some good conversation and opinions about people's snowboard setups. I'm fairly new to snowboarding (Started two years ago), and I recently bought a pretty nice setup. I just want to know your...
  5. Burton Channel Help: Stance-Width Strategies

    Channel Stance-Width info Hey! Got a question for fellow riders with real-life experience with the Burton channel. I've been riding my Custom V going on 3 seasons now and have always had the stance width set on the standard REF points on the board. I've decided to widen my stance by 1". I...
  6. Is this a good setup to buy??

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Lib Tech Skate Banana with K2 Formula Bindings and Nike Vapen Boots. This is not official yet but I am set on the skate banana as a board. I will mainly ride park and all-mountain, maybe a bit of powder. Please give me some suggestions. p.s. I do need canted footbeds.
  7. Newbie's First Time With Binding Setup (Help!)

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while and it's been great hearing everyone's opinions. I was hoping if I could get some advice on my bindings set up. I'm 5' 11", 170lbs, size 10 shoe... riding a K2 Raygun with Burton Cartel 2013 bindings. Before I go injuring myself, I was wondering if...
  8. UPS screwed me over, need help with new setup!

    Long story short those morons lost my massive snowboard bag with everything inside, and yes I mean everything (this was 3 days before I went to snowmass). So I'm putting together a new setup while gear is cheap. Just for some info I'm about 5'10", 175lbs, sz9. Love charging the mountain...
  9. First snowboard! (w/ new boots and bindings)

    Can't wait for the season to start in Illinois... Now that I'm in high school there's a ski and snowboard club where they provide transportation to various resorts in Illinois and Wisconsin. Started last year and went four times so now I'm on black diamonds (at Alpine Valley black diamonds...
  10. Binding set up

    Hey I am wanting some advice on where to set my new women's flow se bindings on my never summer Infinity board. I am an intermediate rider and would like it set up for all mountain riding. Any advice on how my stance should be set and weather I should have my bindings centered or off set. Thanks ?
  11. From Burton TWC Standard to Custom?

    I currently use the lowest end Burton setup. TWC Standard, Freeseyle bindings and Invader boots. I'm looking to upgrade everything. I'm quite set on buying the Ion boots. I'm having trouble deciding between the Cartels, Malavita and Genesis. With the board though, is the Custom a good...