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  1. Boots
    Hello, I would like to ask you if by any chance you could help me with choosing the right size of 32 snowboard boots. Currently I am looking at ThirtyTwo Mullair (3XD) [2020 actually]. The thing is, I dont have any place to try them on first in my country or any other boots, I dont know if...
  2. Boards
    So I've been riding a K2 Raygun ( first board ) for the last six years. Its a 153 and i'm 5'10 about 175 lbs. I'm looking to buy a Ride Burnout as a new park board and although the sizing chart says I should get a 155 I'm not sure if I want to buy a park board that is bigger than my all-mountain...
  3. Boards
    Hey guys, need help on picking a size board. I'm pretty sold on the Rossignol Templar and thought I was gonna do the 159 wide, but it turns out I don't necessarily NEED a wide board. I thought I was a size 12 boot, my shoe size is 12, but apparently I can squeeze into a size 10/10.5. So my boots...
1-3 of 3 Results