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sizing snowboard

  1. Need help with deciding on what to do?!? Lib Tech Magic BM 2020

    Hey. ill jump straight into it. Im 190cm tall, with Salomon dialouge boots size 11.5 (us) 47(eu) Last season I rode the Burton Process Flying V 157 wide. which felt sweet, no toe/heel drag whatsoever. This season I have cast my love at the Lib Tech Magic BM 2020 im thinking ill either go 161...
  2. Is my board too wide?

    I purchased an all new setup this season and I'm concerned that I bought a board that was wider than necessary. I purchased the Bataleon Boss 156W with Switchback Halldor Pros(m/xl) and Saloman Dialogue Wides size 10. I bought the 156W because I've always wore at least a size 11 boot but I found...
  3. Need help with board sizing

    I'm 5'10 weight 130 lbs and want to get more into park/street do you think a 155 is too big of a board? the board comes up to the bottom of my chin.
  4. Board sizing question - petite and heavy

    Hello all! I have just recently fallen in love with snowboarding, but I need your help as I continue to progress. I'm short yet heavy, and have been having trouble finding the right size board to use. Female, 5', 175lbs, size 5.5US boots. I've been taking lessons and practicing on a 130cm board...
  5. Does a 156cm Yes The Greats 2016 sound like a good option for me?

    I'm thinking of buying a Yes Greats as an all mountain board because I understand it has some stiffness and pop for more aggressive riding but it does pretty well in powder too. I enjoy carving and also bouncing around a bit off features, but not into park riding. I’m a man, 5’9” (175cm)...
  6. Please help! Sizing and advising :)

    Hello guys, after a couple of seasons on rental snowboards I have decided to buy myself an All Mountain snowboard. I think of myself as an intermediate rider, and i'm a big guy with a height of 6'4 and I weigh about 210 lbs. After searching the internet for some time, i have decided to buy The...
  7. Burton Barracuda or K2 ultradream?

    Wanting to pull the trigger, but I cant decide which. I am also having a hard time with the sizing. I'm 130lbs and 5'9" with 8.5 boot. The k2 Ultradream looks rad but I have no way of getting my hands on one to try it. I took the Jones Flagship 161 out into the BC and that rocked but I kinda...
  8. Do I need a new board for pow?

    I have been snowboarding for 3 seasons. Age: 23 Height and Weight: 6'4", 240LBs (working on losing weight, hopefully down to 230 by snowboarding season). Boot Size: 11 Budget: Lower the better but will invest money if it will make experience better. Type of riding: Love Speed (gone over 50 mph...
  9. transition from a 159 to 152 question

    Hi Everyone, Im new on here, and i have a question regarding board sizing. im not new to snowboarding(this will be my ninth season) but i have a few quick questions regarding sizes.. I currently ride a 159 libtech skate banana probably a 2009. i love it, but its gotten pretty beaten up and...