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  1. Boards
    Hey all, I’m an intermediate rider looking to expand my options. I’ve borrowed a skate banana before and really enjoyed it, also tried a spoon which was fun, both much shorter than recommended (below 150cm) I currently ride a Salmonon Subject 159 which I find is ok but not flexible enough for...
  2. Boards
    Hey fam! Coming to you live with the eleventy-billionth “help me pick a board” post! Lucky for you friendly folks, I have a solid sense of direction and what I want out of a board. After reading post after post on this site and searching for the bits that apply to me and my decision, I figured...
  3. Boards
    Hello everyone, Well, I'm looking for a new board and asked for recommendations on these three boards, after looking so much I'm between the lib tech skate banana, the lib tech knife box and the rossignol jibsaw. I have been snowboarding for 10 years and I am looking for a freestyle board but...
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Delete, made a new thread
  5. Boards
    Goodmorning Sirs, I'm an italian snowboarder, My Foot is american 13 size, 91kg, 186cm! I'm regular but i go often in switch! I'm coming from a 2012 custom x 158 wide! I think it's a good board but sometimes too aggressive and never-forgiving. Moreover legs are always under pressure and...
  6. Boards
    Hello everyone: I've been riding a Burton Clash now for 2 yeas and I am very happy as it has helped my riding to develop immensely. Now that I am improving, I can feel that it does have a couple of drawbacks, for instance, the pop is not great and it does not grip well on ice and struggles in...
  7. Boards
    I need some help picking a new board! I've been riding the same 153cm Morrow board since 1996, and it still works fine for me somehow, but I'm finally ready to upgrade. Based on most measures that board is now way too short for me. I am now 6'0", 175-180lbs, with a size 11.5-12.0 shoe. I'm...
  8. Boards
    Hey guys, so I am currently riding a capita stairmaster and I love the board to death just due to the sheer amount of hours I have on the deck, but I am hoping to move to a rocker board since I am finding I spend the most amount of time in the park. I am looking into getting a new deck and am...
  9. Bindings
    Hey guys, I need to pick up some new bindings for Skate Banana and wanted to get your opinions. Would you rather buy: Union Force 2010/2011 - $70 (used - or Union Force...
  10. Boards
    hey everyone, i've been snowboarding a few times and own a K2 Fuse in a 150 that's about 6-7yrs old. i've got some Burton Mission bindings and will be getting some K2 Maysis boots to go with the setup. i'm 5'9" weighing in about 145lbs with a size 9.5 boot. i'm looking for a new board and...
  11. Boards
    hey im looking at a new board and my 2 last options are the lib tech skate banana 2013 and the 2014 arbor westmark (i like the design better on the 2013 skate banana). i ride 60% park and 40% freeriding on the east coast. i ride pow like once or twice a year. PLEEEEEASE help
  12. General Reviews
    Has anyone ridden the gnu spacecase or lib tech skate banana? Im really looking for a review on the edges, poppiness, coonstruction, and flex of the board. Thanks guys
  13. Boards
    So im thinking of getting the 2013 lib tech skate banana 156. My main reason for putting this about the gnu space case is the magna traction, does it really make as big of a difference as people say? Help me out
  14. Boards
    Hi, I recently found a TRS 2012 151 on sale and was wondering if I could use the board as an all mountain freestyle board that i can easily butter and jib. I'm 5 '9" and 160 lbs and i know that i'd probably need a longer board like a 54 or a 57. But I was looking for softer all mountain boards...
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    FOR SALE!!!: Lib Tech Skate Banana great condition I'm new to this forum, but I'm trying to sell my 2011 Lib Tech Skate Banana. 154 cm, orange/blue design. Received it as a gift two years ago, but couldn't ride the first year due to school. Rode it only a couple times (4 or 5) last year due to...
  16. Boards
    I learned last year, and picked it up rather quickly. By the end of the season I was hitting jumps and boxes and had no problem staying up the whole day. I tried a friends Skate Banana, 152 (i'm 5'8", 160 lbs) and loved it, I was flying all over the mountain and had ridiculous control. I'd...
  17. Boards
    What’s a good bevel angles (base and edge) for a Lib Tech Skate Banana with Magne-Traction? I’m a strong intermediate rider and ride in all conditions from deep powder to hardpack. Thanks for your help.
  18. Boards
    What’s a good bevel angles (base and edge) for a Lib Tech Skate Banana with Magne-Traction? I’m a strong intermediate rider and ride in all conditions from deep powder to hardpack. Thanks for your help.
1-18 of 18 Results