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  1. Boards
    Hey all, I started snowboarding 2 years ago and I've started looking into getting a new snowboard. I am looking for a good all-mountain board, able to handle powder but also hit fun lines on groomers. I enjoy to ride switch, cut through trees quickly, carve, butter, and hit the sides. My boot...
  2. Boards
    Hey guys, Currently I have a 156 yes greats (2014, stiffer version) and a 154 NS Funslinger. Love both of these boards and I'm having a blast on them this season. I know end of season deals are coming and was thinking of adding a board but not sure what to get. Im thinking something fat/surfy...
  3. Bindings
    So first off this is my first post on this forum, I checked the member guidelines for advertising and it said this type of thing was acceptable, so if it's not I'd appreciate if an admin let me know before I get ban hammered into ski boots. I'm the lead 5 axis cnc programmer and cad designer at...
1-3 of 3 Results