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  1. Help? Ideal conditions & performance optimization.

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I'm curious how much weather optimization plays a role in performance. Guessing I'm not the only obsessively checking the weather before heading out to the mountains! What do your ideal conditions look like? I'm still trying to figure mine out. I started working on an idea to link...
  2. Read All About It! News on improvements/expansion plans to Montana Ski Resorts

    Site News, Updates and Suggestions
    Follow the link below for an update on all of the exciting improvements and expansion plans of ski resorts around Montana. Ski Montana! Where Powder is Abundent and Lift Lines are Short |
  3. Fresh Pow Apparel Preview

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hello everyone! Fresh Pow is a new brand started this 2013/2014 snowboarding season. We are geared towards providing stylish, comftorable, and durable clothing at a affordable cost. We love the culture of snowboarding an we direct our passion into our clothing and designs to really appeal to...
  4. How much does skiing suck?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    So many people that I know have started out as skiers, and spent years doing that. Then after trying snowboarding, they never go back to skiing. I personally have never tried skiing, but it seems that the general consensus is that snowboarding trumps skiing for most people. I'm not putting...
  5. ANYONE HAVE FOOTAGE? plus edit

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey, I'm looking for people who have footage that they can send me to edit. I just started editing and I'll post my most recent edit below so you can comment/criticize it (watch it in 1080p!). But yeah, snowboarding is preferred but I can do skiing too. I'll give full credit and everything...
  6. Complete noob, thinking of taking an intensive instructors course

    General Travel Forum
    I've never boarded or skied before but I'm interested in taking an instructors course. I've surfed a bit and picked it up quite easily and I've been told it's quite similar to snowboarding. The course I'm looking at will qualify me as a ski and snowboard instructor, but it'll cost me £5000...
  7. SIA 2010 Denver Colorado January 28-31-2010

    SIA 2010 Denver Colorado January 28-31-2010

    SIA 2010 has moved to Denver Colorado. Now you can come and check out THE SLIDER CORPORATION Booth 4033 at SIA 2010 and enter a chance to win a 2010 iCycle by SLIDER Denver Colorado Convention Center 700 14th Street Denver CO 80202 January 28-31-2010
  8. iCycle by SLIDER

    iCycle by SLIDER [email protected] 775-397-1060
  9. iCycle by SLIDER

    iCycle by SLIDER [email protected] 775-397-1060
  10. iCycle by SLIDER

    iCycle by SLIDER

    SLIDER Strap Pad only $19.95 [email protected] 775-397-1060
  11. iCycle by SLIDER

    iCycle by SLIDER [email protected] 775-397-1060
  12. iCycle by SLIDER

    iCycle by SLIDER [email protected] 775-397-1060
  13. iCycle


    The movement is on.
  14. iCycle


    SAM Ski Area Management names the iCycle by SLIDER best in show at SIA 2009
  15. iCycle


    Are you ready.
  16. iCycle

  17. iCycle


    iCycle by SLIDER [email protected]
  18. iCycle


  19. iCycle


    The next big thing in the snow sports industry
  20. iCycle KONG by SLIDER I got my ride on did you ?

    iCycle KONG by SLIDER I got my ride on did you ?