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  1. Boots
    I apologize if this is a super cliche question, but I am bad with decisions and wanted to hear from others. I am currently unhappy with my 32 Binary Boas, even with the Intuition liner heated to my foot shape AND superfeet custom molded insoles, so I've decided to try a new pair of boots. I am...
  2. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey there, as a guy at 6'5" and about 160 lbs, you might imagine finding boarding pants or a one-piece base layer that will fit is *swear words* DIFFICULT. I'd like to eliminate the nice little snow gap between my "almost too short" pants layers and my torso layers. Either I get pants that are...
  3. Boards
    Okay so I really want a new snowboard and this one is on sale but my only concern is the size. I'm 6 foot tall and 140 pounds and I want to use the board for all mountain. Would that be crazy or what? How much does height relative to weight matter with snowboard size? THANKYOU
  4. Boots
    Okay so I have some boots that I bought last year (k2 new blacks) and my ankles have a TON of wiggle room. No heel lift, feet movement, or any probs like that. Just loose ankles. So first of all is are my ankles suppose to have some wiggle room? Does anyone have any solution or idea? This...
1-4 of 4 Results