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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling some brand new bindings, I got a good deal on them and thought they would fit my GF's boots but they don't. Asking $150 shipped
  2. Bindings
    Hello everyone, I am a size 7 in womens thirty-two boots and was wondering if a size small in the union trilogy bindings would fit. I know that on the size chart it says 3-6.
  3. Snowboarding General Chat
    i am 16 and i am 6 foot 2.... is there a such thing as too tall for freestyle snowboarding? all the pros are tiny haha (or at least shorter than me). just wondering how tall are you guys? anyone taller than me?:crazy7: and does it affect your riding/balance what so ever?
  4. Boards
    I did a search here and came up with very few if any good results, which is why I'm posing this question My girlfriend is 5'1. She also loves short boards, even with her height she rides a very small board. She rides park, thus the need for a very short board to whip around. The hard part is...
  5. Boots
    So, I am currently wearing the womens thirty two lashed fast track boot in size 6.5. I have been riding for about 10 years and I ride mostly freestyle. Apparently I've gotten the wrong boot size my whole life and now I'm super scared about buying new boots. When I stand up, there's a lot of...
  6. Snowboarding General Chat
    My local ski hill is an hour and thirty minutes away and has a vertical drop of wait for it… 292 ft :(. Here is a video of the chairlift ride.Virtual Chair Lift Ride at Mission Ridge Winter Park They say they have 3 blacks but they're all green with maybe one blue. Only one slow ass chair as...
  7. Bindings
    I have my burton Ion boots size 8 on Malavita medium binding. Should I get the small binding? How much difference would that make?
1-7 of 7 Results