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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Board, boots and bindings purchased in 2015, only used twice! All items are in excellent condition, have been stored in closet for years. Located in Dedham, MA very close to Boston. Buyer can come pick up items or I may be able to deliver items in-person locally. -540 Remix 147cm board...
  2. Boards
    Today after my snowboarding session I noticed this pretty deep scratch on my snowboard. I can't see the base of the board but there can be seen three white dots that may be the base. So is waxing enough? Or should I use Ptex. Thanks!
  3. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi everyone! i am from Russia and I’m sorry for my English in advance. I am video maker about snowboarding and I would like to ask a few questions.) What snowboard do you ride? (snowboard firm) What do you feel from riding? Is the color of the snowboard important to you?
  4. Boards
    I’m a 5’8 155lb all mountain mainly park rider. I want to get a board that is able to do well on a surprise snow day with off trail action, the groomers, and mainly the park features. Just the casual and somewhat bigger jumps and a lot of the other park features. I just picked up burton cartel...
  5. Boards
    Hi! Im wanting to purchase my first snowboard, I grew up renting ski's and have snowboarded about 5 times now. Im 25 years old, weigh 135-140 pounds, 5'4". I currently am looking at the Rossignol Gala / Frenemy but not to sure on sizing of what to exactly get, based on the weight reccomendations.
  6. Boards
    I bought this board and haven't been able to find any information on it. Curious to know its worth since it has never been used and I got it for my boyfriend's Christmas gift. as a
  7. Site News, Updates and Suggestions
    I was wondering if anyone who lives in the NorthEast may have some tips, tricks, places, and suggestions. Unfortunately, I live in lil Rhody (yes, I would like to move one day). Ive been to Bretton Woods, Stratton, and Sugarbush (I'm new so I haven't been to much places yet). Where are the...
  8. Boards
    Hi guys! I'm trying to get back into snowboarding and need help finding a good beginner board that's versatile. Last time I went snowboarding a few years ago, I was using a 2002 K2 Luna that I think was too small..and my experience was God awful Lol. I kept falling forward and I felt like there...
  9. Boards
    My first snowboard that I’m currently riding is a Burton clash snowboard. It’s a V rocker with a soft flex and says its recommended to beginning/intermediate riders. I’ve been riding it for about 3 years now and I’m looking to get a new women’s board. I don’t use my board at the park or do...
  10. Boards
    I have a Burton Process Flying V, it’s good but after trying my friends board which is a zero camber I have liked it. It felt more aggressive than my board. My first question is which is better for park, and riding on the mountain like carving, butters and finding the little jumps on the side of...
  11. Boards
    Hello! I have a second-hand K2 board that I’ve been riding for the past few years as I’ve learned to board. Starting to think about upgrading now as I start to progress my skills and figure out my riding style; but before I do, I wanna know what board gave me my start! Does anyone have any info...
  12. Boards
    Rossignol Sawblade
  13. Boards
    So I picked up on a vintage Rossignol last season and realized there’s a bunch off small pressure cracks is she still rideable? Or Is it time for an up to date board
  14. Boards
    Hi everyone I am going snowboarding tomorrow and have recently found out I have a dent in my snowboard, I am wondering if this will be fixable or non fixable, the divot in the board is about 3 millimetre deep /Users/Sharpie44/Desktop/IMG_0027.jpeg/Users/Sharpie44/Library/Mobile...
  15. Boards
    Looking for a good intermediate to advanced all-mountain snowboard, but the catch is that i have a budget of $300... any help? Length - 148-153ish, have been riding old hand me down for a while(it's like 200 lbs...).
  16. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for sale is my Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember FP XC2 BTX 2017 in 159. Just bought it this season, rode it for half a day at Hunter Mountain to test it out and it's too big for me. Board is in perfect condition. I've always ridden around a 154 and decided to step up to a 159, but prefer the...
  17. Outerwear and Accessories
    hi! Im trying to figure out the best jacket for me. I board in various places in Colorado: Winter Park, Copper, Steamboat, etc. I go up about 20-25 times a year. I need something that will hold up through rough conditions and can take lots of tear and wear but also maintaining a budget. nothing...
  18. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey guys! I'm considering making a lifestyle/snowboarding magazine for men and need to do some prior research, if you could tell me what you look for in a magazine or fill in the survey below that would rock!!!!! :yahoo:
  19. Boards
    Long time lurker making their first post so be nice ;). I've owned a Never Summer SL 158 since 2010 and it's been a really good all around board, mostly east coast riding. 5' 10" 175 lbs. Size 11 boot I mostly ride groomers, catch air and ride in the trees. Not much powder where I ride. Is...
  20. Boards
    Been browsing this forum for a while now, finally made an account to seek some advice on a new board. I've been going strong with a 158 camber board I picked up 7-8 years ago, but it's starting to get pretty beaten up and I'm ready to spend money on a new one. I'm 5'10 150lbs, size 10 boot. I...
1-20 of 22 Results