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  1. General Travel Forum
    I’m from the southeast and ride a small mountain so the only boards I own are super flimsy playful park boards (23 Salomon sleepwalker). I’m going out west to telluride soon and can’t tell if I should bring my board or rent one there. I don’t really care about the costs of anything just more if...
  2. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey y’all, I’m hoping to get back into snowboarding and I’m currently riding on a 162 burton board but I think it’s too big. When sizing we went by weight and not height. I’m 5’4 and currently around 170lbs what size board should I use?
  3. Boards
    Hey everybody, I've been looking to get a new all mountain board for intermediate to advance riding and every store I go to seems to be suggesting something different. I tend to do a lot of resort riding where I can hit the side hits or go up to the bowls and only go to the park sometimes. I was...
  4. Burton
    I would like more information on this board. it is the 57 special with the Bigfoot in brown design. I have had it for a while and is in mint condition with original bindings. please and thanks
  5. Boards Hi everyone, first post here. Looking at getting my own gear for my yearly/every now and then trip snowboarding. I don’t need anything too fancy, and I’m willing to buy used if worth it. But I found this on eBay with good seller reviews. Doesn’t look too bad...
  6. Snowboarding General Chat
    So my friends moved away and left me his snowboard as he won’t be using anymore and I’ve had a few lessons and was thinking of giving it a try, but I’m looking at other boards and I’ve noticed he’s cut the end tail to a shape and took bits of the metal sides off, just want to know if this will...
  7. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Just used it on one trip that lasted 10 days. Perfect conditions. Selling it because I want to get a smaller size. Bought it for 550$ - BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED -
    $400 USD
  8. Boards
    Question is ... should I go with 2018/19 Burton Deep Thinker 157 for $280 USD ... OR ... a 2020/21 Burton Family Tree 3D Deep Daze 159 for $350 USD? My daily drivers have been Burton Customs for a long time. My current daily driver and only stick in my quiver is a 2016/17 Burton Custom...
  9. Open review discussion
    Hey! I started snowboarding last season and i broke my wrist. And I am going to Switzerland snowboarding and this will be my first time snowboarding after my injury. So I thought it will be a good idea to buy some good quality wrist guard. Do you have any thoughts, should i buy flexmeter or...
  10. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi all, my name is jess. To be completely honest I am new to snowboarding. I did snowboard once indoors in Manchester UK. At that time my love of snowboarding was born. But I only did it once. I didn't have the access to any snowboarding places where I lived so I used to watch freestyle...
  11. Boards
    My ex left this board at my place and I've had it sitting in storage for 3 years now. Just want to identify the brand and year of it so I could possibly sell it?? I don't snowboard so have no use for it.
  12. Boards
    Hi, boarders, im riding for 2nd season and want to choose the right snowboard. The problem is that im 6,13 (187cm), 140 lbs (65 kg) and boot size is 12 us. I read different articles and they suggest choosing 156w. Is it right or i should go higher for 157-161w? I rarely ride in the powder.
  13. Boards
    Hey everyone! (My first post here, let me know if it's misplaced.) I (57 kg/125lbs, US8 boots) just ordered a K2 Excavator 150cm (recommended weight range: 54kg - 86kg +/120-190lbs). Surfdome had it for ~$530, $100 cheaper than any other site I know, so decided to go for it. Was this a bad...
  14. Boards
    I have recently acquired a 2004 burton canyon 156cm Alex grey model I think. It’s in decent condition but I can’t find much information on it. If anyone knows anything. Just curious on it’s worth and what type of riding it’s known for. To see if I can even use it or sell it if not
  15. Boards
    I’m 5’10’’, 155lbs and on size 10.5 boots (Burton Ion step on). Should I be getting a 154 or 157 on the Bataleon Boss? I’m a little bit worried about getting toe/heel drag on the 154 since it has a waist of 25cm, but should I be worried at all? I do prefer 154 over 157 if I won’t be getting...
  16. Bindings
    I bought yesterday new bindings, but I can’t figure out hoe to adjust the foot pad. Need some help!
  17. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Board, boots and bindings purchased in 2015, only used twice! All items are in excellent condition, have been stored in closet for years. Located in Dedham, MA very close to Boston. Buyer can come pick up items or I may be able to deliver items in-person locally. -540 Remix 147cm board...
  18. Boards
    Today after my snowboarding session I noticed this pretty deep scratch on my snowboard. I can't see the base of the board but there can be seen three white dots that may be the base. So is waxing enough? Or should I use Ptex. Thanks!
  19. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi everyone! i am from Russia and I’m sorry for my English in advance. I am video maker about snowboarding and I would like to ask a few questions.) What snowboard do you ride? (snowboard firm) What do you feel from riding? Is the color of the snowboard important to you?
  20. Boards
    I’m a 5’8 155lb all mountain mainly park rider. I want to get a board that is able to do well on a surprise snow day with off trail action, the groomers, and mainly the park features. Just the casual and somewhat bigger jumps and a lot of the other park features. I just picked up burton cartel...
1-20 of 38 Results