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  1. Advice needed on DOPE SNOW pants

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Anyone using Dope Snow outerwear? Looking into buying KB Hoax II snow pants and ridestore website states the model is 184cm tall and 76kg using size Medium. Hence I reckon this model runs large. I'm 178cm 76kg and site is recommending size Medium as well. So I'm lost now. However I never wore...
  2. Is it possible?

    Site News, Updates and Suggestions
    How do i become TikTok famous?!
  3. The Snowboard Project - A Podcast for Snowboarders by Snowboarders

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey super sorry I posted on here. I think I just wanted some feedback - please disregard my prior post. I didn't get how it all worked. Just a snowboarder who loves riding and talking about it. Not the greatest at using forums like this. If you need a good laugh or a good story go search for...
  4. My Knee man!! My Knee!!!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    hello good people! Kinda revisiting snowboarding/skiing/snowball fights and anything dealing with winter and weather. Had a bad knee injury that makes anything SNOW just make me hurt thinking about it, but I've got the itch! does anyone deal with knee issues and what do you do to overcome it? Thanks
  5. for sale: NEW CAPiTA OUTDOOR LIVING 156

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Greetings! I took this board out for one day last season and it was EPIC. Its an awesome board for park and powder. I don't want to sell it, but I need the money! asking 250$ plus shipping Heres the description it comes with: When it comes to high-energy boards with tons of pop that are still...
  6. what bindings go with the artifact?

    i got a rome artifact 2015 (camber) and im curious what to set up with it. for bindings im looking at the union contact pros or the rome boss 390's. and for boots i have no clue. should i get a softer boot or a more harder/solid boot? (i hit medium sized jumps and jib frequently) :jumping1:
  7. fleece hood

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey guys I'm trying to look for a good fleece hood mask type thing that can fit over my helmet. does anyone know of any brands or links to some?
  8. is 6 ft 2 too tall? how tall are you?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    i am 16 and i am 6 foot 2.... is there a such thing as too tall for freestyle snowboarding? all the pros are tiny haha (or at least shorter than me). just wondering how tall are you guys? anyone taller than me?:crazy7: and does it affect your riding/balance what so ever?
  9. How "bad" will travel be this weekend in Southern Vermont?

    Northeast US
    supposed to be going to Stratton tomorrow night after work. staying fri night, sat night and coming home saturday. i have AWD but it is a Honda CRV, not the best. think i'll be OK?
  10. Is there ANY reason to go up to Vermont this weekend?

    Northeast US
    seems conditions are pretty poor. it is going to be SUPER cold. i'd be driving up solo from NYC but i have a free house to stay at all weekend. thoughts?
  11. Recon Snow2 On Dragons

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi Im brand new to the forums. And i was interested in buying a Recon Snow2 HUD Goggles attachment. I wanted to know if they fit on Dragon APXs. Thanks
  12. Wakeboarding on real rails???

    Snowboarding General Chat
    For all you park guys, Saw a video the other day of a wakeboarder at a place called jibtopia over here in NC, with actual hand rails, doing hardway, switch and reg 270s... Check it out. Never seen anything like that on a wakeboard... might have to go try this place out...
  13. Female Gear Reviews

    .. ..........
  14. TRice Pro - 161.5 or 157

    Hey guys, just wondering about peoples opinions on which length would be suited better for me: Height: 188cm (6'2) Weight: 75-80kgs Boot size: 10.5-11 ride mostly groomers and park with the occasional powder session outside of New Zealand and Australia :P Cheers
  15. Crazy Snow Camp, looking for people to join Switzerland / Bosnia

    Meets and Events
    Over Christmas and newyear I went on this Crazy Snow Camp which was absolutely amazing and I am planning to go again if we can find enough lovely crazy people to join ;-) Feb 1-8 Switzerland and March 1-8 Bosnia. I surely hope so as...... guess I said it already but will say it again it was...
  16. Mount snow Vermont early season??

    General Travel Forum
    Hey me and friends were gonna take a bus up to mount snow this saturday and it was gonna cost 95 for everything.. I was wondering if it'd be worth it to go there this early in the season. We're really craving a shred session haha any opinions welcome
  17. 5'1" is a burton custom 148cm to big?

    Im 5'1" and weigh 115-120 im looking for a good all mountain board to ride and the custom seems the best option but is it to big?
  18. LOOKING FOR BURTON NUG 10/11 to buy

    I've been riding the Burton nug for the past few seasons. I'm in love with the way it rides and I need a new board. If anyone is selling a mildly used board with no major damage. Please let me know. Again, I'm looking for the 2010/2011 burton nug 146cm(Blue) or 150cm(Orange). I'm willing to be...
  19. Set Up for a Lib Tech Box scratcher?

    So I have a junky old pair of burton customs, that I threw on my Box scratcher, i want something that will really let me experience it's jibby/park feel, idk if a softer or harder binding will help, 2 bindings that I've heard good things about are Burton cartels , and union atlas's. Input would...
  20. Board Setup

    Hi im buying a new snowboard and im not sure if my bindings will fit on the board. The board im getting is a Burton Blunt 155 snowboard On Sale Burton Blunt Snowboard 155 2013 And the bindings that I already have are Salomon Arcade 2013 bindings On Sale Salomon Arcade Snowboard Bindings 2013 So...