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    Hi, I've been riding for a year now with: Board: Yes Basic 156W Bindings: Union Flite Pro/Bent Metal Axtion (just recently upgraded to the axtions - both size large) Boots: Size 11 US Adidas Samba ADV Snowboard boots I am 184cm, 183lb and Size 11 US feet I ride on the west coast and I'm...
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    Hi guys, Just looking for the collective reassurance as usual :) Profile 188cm 80kgs size 10 ride lasso Burton Genesis M stance: +21+3 or +18 0 , usually just use reference stance as i feel that's usually the best stance for the board traction/grip (i'm probably wrong) Ride groomers, trees...
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    Hey everyone, I think I've decided on the hometown hero for my new board but I'm unsure on the size. I'm 6'1", 150-155 pounds, size 10 shoe. I feel like with most boards I should get the 156 but their size chart shows I'm right in the middle for a 152, and on the lower end of the 156 range so...
1-4 of 4 Results