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    I'm 66kg, 180cm tall and my boots size is 28.5cm, I'm an intermediate rider, I like carving and powder, never done freestyle or park since the resorts in my zone doesn't has this features, what equipment do you guys recommend me? Thanks!
  2. Boards
    Hello, thank you for coming and sharing your opinion. I'm Max, Asian/Italian: 172cm, 75-79KG, 43,5 EU size. I've been snowboarding for about 3 years, can ride switch, do small jumps and landing with some nose and tail buttering if it's not too steep. I usually ride Reds no probem, pointing down...
  3. Boards
    Just got a new board (Salomon Pulse) and this is my 3rd time using it. I came home and found this deeper scratch on it which very much upset me. I’m trying to figure out if this scratch is a core shot or not and if the board is still good to ride.
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    Hey I have not used my snowboard in a couple years and I have grown a bit. I wanna know if I can still use my snowboard as I got taller but my weight is pretty low. Im 5’9 and weigh 135 and my snowboard is 138 cm. It comes up to my middle low chest. I intend on using it for just cruising down...
  5. Boards
    So I know this is a dumb question but here we go. I have Men's Burton Freestyle Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings and they are medium. Now I want to get either a Men's Burton 3D Kilroy Camber Snowboard or a Men's Burton Instigator Flat Top Snowboard. Size required for both of the Boards: BTW I have...
  6. Bindings
    I just bought the Burton Scribe Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings - Women's - 2020/2021 in a size medium. When I looked on the website, it said the bindings would fit my boots, which are a women's size 9. When they came in the mail, the box says the medium fits women's size 6-8. Will the bindings fit...
  7. Boards
    Hello guys I’m 16 and I’m 5’8 155 lbs and foot size is 10”. I am looking at boards and I want a snowboard that will be good for now and in the future so I don’t have to buy a board every year or two. I usually like to do park and all mountain and was wondering if I should get a 155cm board or a...
  8. Boards
    Hi, So I recently ordered wax and all the necessary tools needed to wax my board in an effort to reduce cost. I set the iron to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and it wouldn't melt. So I made the temperature higher until it melted. However, when it landed on the board it turned into like frozen wax...
  9. Meets and Events
    Hi, I would like to invite all Girls for our Camp!:) We do organize amaizing girls camp. Where we gonna teach you snowboarding/skiing, doing yoga. Take care of your help with wege workshops and night beauty:) We stay place;) We go to Japan 1-12.03.2020!:) to Jaaaapan!!:) Lets Go:) Nina
1-9 of 9 Results