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snowboard sizing

  1. Funslinger length help

    Hey all I'm looking to buy the Never Summer Funslinger, but having trouble figuring out if I should go with 153 or 156... Hoping you guys can help me make a decision. I tend to like a shorter board, so I'm leaning toward 153, but this is my first new board in quite a few years and I've put on...
  2. 5'2 and about 85 lbs - Help with board sizing and picking out a board?

    Measurements * Height: 5'2 * Weight: 85 lbs (I'm trying to gain weight, but I won't let that stop me from buying a board) * Boot Size: 8 / 9 (depending on the boot) Experience I have been snowboarding for around 3 years now. I can do blacks just fine and am starting to do double blacks (going...
  3. First Snowboard

    Which board for freestyle Hi, I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice on buying a board. I'm currently in the process of buying my first board. I'm 5'9 and 78kg, I have a specific board that I'm after (The Bataleon She W) and the weight limit for the 149cm is 55-80kg, (it's not...
  4. Sizing and performance of women's snowboards

    I have been trying to wrap my mind around women's snowboard sizing ever since I have been in the market for a new board. My first snowboard, which I had for about 14 years, was a very cheap unisex/male Lamar setup. It was 154 cm and it always felt very unstable at high speeds. When I got back...
  5. Help Deciding Right Board Size to Buy

    I'm interested in buying a Jones Mountain Twin board and am hoping for some advice in picking the right size. I'm 6ft tall, 174lbs and wear Burton Imperial Boots (sz 11). Here are the specs for the sizes I'm considering: Length: 157 Width: 253 Length: 158W Width: 258 Length: 160 Width: 256...
  6. Board sizing

    Hello forum, I am new to the forum and have a a question about board sizing. I am about 5"4 and 165 pounds and ride a 150 board when i rent. This board feels like the right size when i am riding. When i look online to buy a new board(my first board), they have many deals but most of them are for...