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  1. Something a Little Softer Than Jones Mountain Twin

    I got a Jones Mountain Twin 161W last year, and while it has some great aspects, I find it a little too stiff and am looking to buy something a little softer yet still able to tackle the whole mountain (east coast). Any suggestions? Additional info: 6'3", 180 lbs, size 11.5 boot I ride the...
  2. Ruby Hill Rail Yard in Denver, Colorado

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hello y'all! I wanted to share an episode of my vlog about Ruby Hill Rail Yard. Ruby is a free snowboard park in Denver, Colorado. I love this place because it gives me a chance to ride a lot more. I hope you like it. Mahalo 4eva. Ruby Hill Rail Yard - Ep. 7
  3. Looking to ID this Roxy ~2005

    My husband originally bought this board for his younger sister sometime around 2005, she snowboarded once and hated it, years later I come along and it's about my size so I've been using it- I'm looking to find out what year this snowboard actually is, I know Roxy started making boards in 2003...
  4. SOLDDD***FS: Nike SB Vapen Poler Snowboard Boots Size 9.5 Men’s

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment Limited edition collab boots from Nike and Poler! These were sold out so quick and bought them new when they first came out and used them 4 times only! Once in 2016, twice last year and once this year. Turns out they’re to small...
  5. I just bought a second-hand snowboard and I don't know the name of it

    So I bought this board a week ago and I've been looking online to figure out the model of it, I know its an option supercap but I don't know the year it was made. Could anybody help me? (first time on this forum so forgive the bad formatting)
  6. Snowboarding powder for 1st time

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi guys in a couple weeks I'm off to Japan to spend a week on the slopes and i was wondering about the differences of riding deep snow compared to standard main run stuff. I am a beginner, I've only had a couple of days with a board, so any advice will be much appreciated.
  7. Have you tried FP Insoles?

    Have you tried FP Insoles? They're by far the best for a custom boot fitting and impact protection.
  8. Please help!!! snowboard topsheet

    Site News, Updates and Suggestions
    Hi all, Im new to this forum... Im seeking for help/suggestion of a situation... I have a 90% new snowboard, i have used it for like 2 times... Which is around 10days in the mountains.. A few weeks ago I was planning to get ready for my up coming trip in this december. So i brought it to a...
  9. Bindings type freestyle for Yes GREATS 2018

    Hi I have a Yes Grets 2018 - 156cm board, and I would like to have some advice on the level of bindings. What bindings model can I use to have a freestyle park/shred on this board? Thank you, good ride.
  10. Help with sizing!

    Hello! I’m trying to start out snowboarding and I’ve been looking online at measurement guides to see what size to get. However I am on the chunkier side of a woman. I am 195 and 5,4 and wear a size 8.5 women’s shoes so I’m not sure what size to get so I don’t embarrass myself on the hill. I’m...
  11. Sizing Capita Mercury 2018

    Just found a steal of a Capita Mercury 159. My question is if the board will be too small for my size. I’m 6’4 and 195-200 lbs with a size 11.5 boot. Looks like the waist width of the board is 259. Will this be pushing it or should I be fine? Thanks!!
  12. Ye

  13. Big Guy looking for Board

    Heyo, I’m new here so apologies if this has been answered countless times. I’m a 6’5” 215lbs boot size 13 dude, with about 10 years of experience (I guess intermediate level). I’m looking for a good all mountain board that will get me around through trees and on groomers. I’m not a huge park...
  14. Need help picking an all-mountain snowboard

    Hey all, I started snowboarding 2 years ago and I've started looking into getting a new snowboard. I am looking for a good all-mountain board, able to handle powder but also hit fun lines on groomers. I enjoy to ride switch, cut through trees quickly, carve, butter, and hit the sides. My boot...
  15. Suggestions for second board

    I'm looking to pick up a second board to start rounding out my quiver. (5'11 170 pounds) I currently have a 156W Burton Speed Date - I've been using this as an all-mountain board but this thing rips, carves, and is great for charging pow. I think this board excels best in deep open pow bowls...
  16. Endless slopes

    Southwest US
    What do you think about endless slopes? It's like an indoor ski and snowboard simulator with a moving tape. Do we need it in Bay Area?
  17. Svalbard

    Backcountry Trip Reports
    Wgen w svalbard with no place to live. suddenly we understood on the airport. We luckily go somplace to sleep ad started an awseme trip. Got to ride Trollsteine and someplae random between barentsburg and logyearbyen. Video says a 1000 words x 48fps
  18. Burton Flying V or Flat Top

    Hi Guys! I need some advice... I think I want to buy a Burton Yeasayer 2019 board - however I can't decide between Flying V and Flat Top. I have been snowboarding for years but Im a chilled out rider and I find my new Salomon assassin too aggressive, I want an easy fun ride but one that is...
  19. Flex and Weight of riders

    I'm really curious about the between board flex and weight of riders. Someone said NS Funslinger is good for all around, another said NS Proto Type 2 is good for all around. For example, flex 5 medium snowboard deck could be stable for a rider, weight 180lbs, for over 40ft big kicker and...