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  1. Choosing my first splitboard and bindings

    Hello Im new in this forum and new in the backcountry, but i've been riding for about 8 years. I was thinking in the Weston Backwoods, as my very first split, given its characteristics. -What size would be perfect for me? im 5'7'' (160 pounds approx) and 42,5EUR. -What about this board to do...
  2. Weston Backwoods vs Jones Hovercraft Splits

    Alright guys! So I was pretty much sold on the Hovy split by Jones, but have heard some good things about Weston's Backwood board. Has anyone ridden the Weston or Hovy or both... and can give some input? I'm looking for a board that can obviously float well, and initiate turns well. Going to be...
  3. Burton Dump Truck vs Jones Hovercraft splits

    Alright, it's that time of year and i'm looking for a new board. This will actually be for splitboarding in the Wasatch and some of the tetons. I want something really turny and playful, but can handle pow as well. Looking at the Dump Truck and Hovy. Any other recommendations?
  4. New 2018 Hovercraft Split

    Alright, I'm looking into getting a new splitboard! I spent this last season riding a Rossignol XV Magtek 163W. It felt too big, hard to move around in the Wasatch tree lines etc. So after much searching, I'm thinking about the new Jones Hovercraft split 160cm. I'm looking for something that is...
  5. Eastern Sierra Splitboarding

    Southwest US
    Trying to connect with some LA/SoCal folks that are interested in earning some turns. Hoping to finally get San Gorgonio this year but also some weekend trips to the southern Eastern Sierras around Lone Pine.
  6. Arbor vs. Venture splitboards

    I'm in the hunt for a new splitboard set-up after upgrading to the new Spark R&D bindings last year. I mostly ride southern california and eastern sierras but will be going to Japan in January too. I'm undecided between the Arbor Abacus and Venture Storm. I'm leaning towards the Arbor because...
  7. Splitboard for "small" person

    I love back country riding. A friend of mine suggested we should get splitboards and go more "where the lifts don't go" next season. Finding as much untouched powder as we can:). So far looking for splitboards I found that most of them are 160+ cm. It feels kind of big for me. I am 5'6" and 155...
  8. Voile Split Kit + G3 alpinist splitboard skins

    Buy and Sell Other Items
    Voile split kit: Brand new. All components included, most of which are in their original plastic packaging. Comes in original box. $130 buyer pays shipping. G3 Alpinist splitboard skins. short (145-159cm). Untouched, plastic never removed from backs, brand new. Comes in original box. $140...
  9. Splitboard advice, norhtern europe conditions

    Hi I've been looking around for a while for a splitboard. suitable for the conditions in northern europe. That is usually had packed/icy on top, not so light powder and tight tree runs. I'm about 145 lbs (66 kg) and 5'9" (176 cm), 8.5 in boots (42) and have ridden for about 20 years. The...
  10. TRice Split or Arbor Split??

    Back Country Travel
    I am trying to decide between the Travis Rice Split or the Arbor Abascas Split. I know they have two diffrent profiles, and are two diffrent boards. Here are my concerns: the arbor might be too soft of a board, and the C2 on the lib will make it hard to maintain traction while skinning. I have...
  11. Hike to Illumination Rock on MT HOOD 11-16-12

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    A two mile hike from the lot of Timberline Lodge up to Illumination Rock. Definitely earned those lines. Jonny Sischo... | Facebook
  12. NEW Splitboard Package: With bindings & skins & crampons

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a brand new in shrink-wrap 2012 Atomic Poacher Renu Premium Splitboard Package It's a 164 CM board Looking to get $450 + ship Which is a steal considering this comes with EVERYTHING you need.... minus poles :D This splitboard setup comes with: Atomic Poacher Premium Renu Splitboard...