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  1. Bindings
    Hi guys I am new to the forum. I am looking for a new pair of bindings for my snowboard as I am tired of always having to sit down to strap in. I had looked at flow bindings however the prices kind of scared me. I was wondering if you guys could recommend any other types or brands of bindings...
  2. Bindings
    Hey everybody I'm new to the forum and just wanted some input/opinion from some more real snowboarders such as yourselves. My names grant I live in Iowa and my engineering development and design (EDD) capstone class is challenging my team and i, to improve a hobby we enjoy. so naturally...
  3. Bindings
    We decided to make a kick-ass step-in binding for snowboarders, since no one else was doing it. Simple, Strong, and Streamlined. Read more > Finally - A True Step-In Snowboard Binding + Boots System by STR8TLINE® — Kickstarter
1-3 of 3 Results