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  1. Bindings
    I am about to buy the Union Atlas for my Flagship 162W, but I'm worried that it's not stiff enough for the 8/10 flagship. Is this combination doable or should I spend a bit more to get a stiffer binding (e.g. Salomon Quantum)? Thanks for the help! :)
  2. Bindings
    Hi folks. I look for really stiff and responsive bindings for soft boot carving and here is my list of candidates which I can buy in local shops: Flow NX2 2015 of Flow NX2-RS 2014 Rome Targa 2015 Flux DM 2014 I like Flow but I have fears about plastic caps on pivot points of highbacks because...
  3. Bindings
    I need some suggestions for bindings. I have par of 2010 Union force binding from my last board and I think I need stiffer and more lock in feel bindings for this Kessler Ride 176. Do you think its a enough difference between force to a stiffer binding to buy a new one? If yes what do you...
1-3 of 3 Results