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  1. Too much flex on the K2 T1, is this normal?

    Yo dudes, I need some help with the flex of the K2. I'm not finding too much difference from my Darko and based on the online reviews "you can barely flex this thing when it’s new and it’s almost like an old leather ski boot", well, the pair I got can definitely flex, is there anything wrong...
  2. Which Bataleon board is right for me?

    Height : 6 ft Weight : 175 lbs i currently ride a 159 arbor westmark camber. while it is a very nice board and all, it is a little too big and too stiff for my liking. i like messing around, like hitting small-medium kickers, boxes, some rails, and bombing hills. i want to get into ground...
  3. Stiff Boards

    Hello, I am 5'7" 210lbs (~95kg). I am riding a 156 2006 Burton Custom, which is still standing strong but you can tell it is really old. I want to get a new board, but the problem is I ride extremely aggressively and I am pretty heavy. My background is downhill longboarding, so when I...
  4. flexible vs. stiff bindings

    Stiff bindings with a high flex rating are associated with advanced riders. Flexible bindings are associated with beginners and intermediate riders. Why? What sort of flexing are beginners doing that advanced riders do not do? Thanks.
  5. Trying to pick a new, stiffer boot....HELP

    whats up guys, so i know that pretty much every "help me pick boots" thread ends in "it depends on what fits your foot best" replies, which I understand. But I'm really looking for recommendations within my price range/riding style so that I can find shops that have them and try them on to see...
  6. Wich boots for this setup?

    Here's my setup: Ride Buck Up + Union Contact XL I shoes 11-11.5 so maybe 10.5 or 11 on snowboard... What boots should I take for 350-400$ max? I'm thinking about stiffer boots since my union contact are already really soft. Thx!
  7. Freeride board advice? Anyone ridden a Rossi Premier?

    Heyyo, So I'm pretty happy with my Ride Machete 155 for groomers and kickers. I'm at about a low intermediate to intermediate level. I would really like to get into some freeriding, like technical steeps, glades, bigger natural features like cliff drops, etc. I remember moving up from a noodle...