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  1. Your favorite/most consistent ONLINE retailer?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    backcountry? evo? The House? who?
  2. the best snowboard shop

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    Hey I am creating a business plan for a snowboardshop and the largest competitor for storefronts is the internet. I am looking for your input for some cool ideas that might make a local snowboard shop stand out. For example, Darkside in vermont has a park setup behind their store.
  3. Sob Stories

    Snowboarding General Chat
    My local ski hill is an hour and thirty minutes away and has a vertical drop of wait for it… 292 ft :(. Here is a video of the chairlift ride.Virtual Chair Lift Ride at Mission Ridge Winter Park They say they have 3 blacks but they're all green with maybe one blue. Only one slow ass chair as...
  4. Storing board for the off-season?

    I just got into snowboarding so I'm kind of dumb when it comes to this haha...Anyway, so I've heard a few people say that you should wax your board before storing it for the off-season. Well, when I bought my board, I had a shop tune it and wax it. I've only been on the snow twice this season so...
  5. Thinking of opening a new store - Advice from owners?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    :occasion14:Hello, So I am thinking about pursuing a life long dream of opening my own boardshop. Tired of slaving away to someone else. Ready to do it on my own. Now, my initial thought it to open a boardshop in my hometown. The market is a decent size and not too many competitors locally...
  6. Where do you buy your gear Online?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Sup guys, where do you, personally, find the best quality goggles and other accessories on the worldwide web?? Thanks, I love you :laugh: