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  1. Stratton tickets

    Northeast US
    Hey guys! I have two tickets for Stratton (any day, no blackouts). I had a MCL sprain last week and I don't think will recover on time. :( I am already sad about this injury if you guys could help me at least not feeling even worse by loosing money would be really great! :) I paid $59 (each)...
  2. Rode this weekend with the sole intention of improving glade riding *PIC*

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    conquered marked glade trails with a fair amount of ease. it was the unmarked stuff that made me sketch out a bit and i almost bit it pretty hard a few different times. would you guys consider these wide open or tight? these were a black diamond glade run that i fared pretty well on.
  3. Best bars in Stratton (Londonderry, Jamaica, etc.)

    Northeast US
    which places have the better, younger crowds? i know its pretty quiet for the most part.
  4. How "bad" will travel be this weekend in Southern Vermont?

    Northeast US
    supposed to be going to Stratton tomorrow night after work. staying fri night, sat night and coming home saturday. i have AWD but it is a Honda CRV, not the best. think i'll be OK?
  5. Stratton Mountain this weekend, 2/6-2/8...conditions? Tips (glades)? etc.

    Northeast US
    been to stratton a few times. definitely not my favorite hill in the world (price, size, etc.) but its OK and we have a free mansion to stay in. that said, are there any really good runs/glades i can check out? the only glades ive found have been insanely tight and i am still trying to learn...
  6. Is there ANY reason to go up to Vermont this weekend?

    Northeast US
    seems conditions are pretty poor. it is going to be SUPER cold. i'd be driving up solo from NYC but i have a free house to stay at all weekend. thoughts?
  7. hilarious video of a guy slamming in the chairlift

    Slam Section
    ski lift fail at Stratton VT - YouTube one more reason why snowboarding is better then skiing, dont have to worry about something like this^.
  8. Killington or Stratton?

    Resort Trip Reports
    If you had to choose one, which one would you go to and why?
  9. Vail / Stratton & the Burton US Open

    General Travel Forum
    I booked a flight earlier today to Denver with intentions of going to Vail (and probably Breck/Keystone) and later found out my trip is the same week Vail is hosting the Burton US Open. What I read said that the competition will be hosted in the Golden Peak area of the mountain but I'm worried...