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  1. WTB. Vans Flyaway X step in BOOTS WTB!!!!!

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    Hey Newb on here so bear with me. Skip that step ins suck and all that lol, I just like the step ins cuz its a real sturdy boot and I shattered my heel racing MX-cross and well these are the only ones that seem to help. Plus my Back is wrecked and the less I have to bend down to strap in...
  2. Newbie not sure how to

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    So I am a newbie boarder, started near the end of the season. Been skiing for 12 1/2 years, but wanted to try snowboarding out for fun and absolutely loved it. Went out twice with a friend who is licensed to teach and just did some greens and easy blues (small mountain) using toe side and heel...
  3. Switch Tips? (Not offering any asking for some)

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    So I am a pretty strong boarder, the only real thing limiting me is switch. I can manage 180s/360s, the only problem (Mainly with 180s) is that I have to land or enter the trick switch. I know my problem mainly is that I ride too far backseat when I ride switch but I have a hard time committing...
  4. Please rate my grogress.

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    After a little learning frustration and i really dont don't want to loose any motivation to continue with learning. I would apreciate any advice needed on how my progress can get better if i'm doing it the wrong direction. Visit 1. One on one with an instructor on the basics for 2 hours and 45...