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  1. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hi there , we was one of 12 !! the First snowboarding students iin Switzerland in 1985 from the first Snowboard School (Snowbusters in St.Gallen) and Jake Burton visit us & teach us how to stearing & swing on the Boards !!! Best Regards Adrian (1962)
  2. General Travel Forum
    Hello all, I will get the chance of travelling to Switzerland this upcoming October (2016), and I was wondering if any of the members here has ever been skiing/snowboarding in the area in those dates. If someone did / or has a friend who did / heard of someone who did / etc, I would like to...
  3. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi, After several failed attempts to progress to freestyle on my own I have just booked a course with Ninja academy over in Davos this season. Is anybody else going/got any tips! Also can anybody advise a board for both mountain and intro to freestyle winter is coming!!!!! :)
  4. Western Europe
    Please check this out and comment/review it! Much appreciated..Danke! WATCH IN HD!
  5. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey, I'm looking for people who have footage that they can send me to edit. I just started editing and I'll post my most recent edit below so you can comment/criticize it (watch it in 1080p!). But yeah, snowboarding is preferred but I can do skiing too. I'll give full credit and everything...
  6. Western Europe
    Hey guys, So recently read that the TTR 6* Event O'Neill Evolution in Davos, Switzerland is cancelled. As far as i know O'neill doesnt want to continue sponsoring the event for whatever reason. If anyone has further information i would be thankfull if you could share it here. (If you havnt...
1-6 of 6 Results