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t rice

  1. Lib Tech Attack Banana 2015 or T rice Pro 2016?

    Hey guys. I'm between 5'9''-5'10'' and 165lbs. Trying to decide between 2 boards. Current board: 2012 Burton Clash - 158 This was my very first board, been riding it for about 4 seasons. I definitely want a shorter, higher performance board. This will likely be the only board in my quiver and...
  2. new T Rice 153 2012

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    This a brand new in bag T Rice 153 Lib Tech T.Rice 153 C2BTX Snowboard | Lib Tech Travis Rice Signature Pro Model Board | C2BTX (C2 Power Banana Camber Combo Tech) and MTX Magne-Traction Technology | Lib Tech H Pop Wood Core | Axis Inversion Fiberglass | Blunt Shape | 153 cm | 2012 model $450...