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  1. Boots
    Hey guys. So I decided to order some Thirtytwo Lashed to try on because I don't have a shop near me. After reading Wiredsports posts, my feet measure out to be 264.5/265 mm length and 105 mm width after multiple measurements. This makes me a 8.5 from Mondo. Now I have 2 boots for comparison: DC...
  2. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a pair of Brand New Thirtytwo Woman's Tm-2 Snowboard Boots Sz. 9.5 I bought these boots for my ex 2 years ago. She never went riding, no wonder it didn't work out. They have been sitting in my closet since then. Somebody please turn my loss into your gain and help me out by buying these.
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey all, first post! My TM-2's are just giving me too much heel lift right now. I think it's time to jump ship to Adidas. I'm looking for a size 11.5-12. Depending on fit, I may be open to trying sz 11's as well. Thanks.
  4. Bindings
    Was long overdue for a new setup, so I balled out and got a 157 NS Type Two, M/L Katana Bindings and 10.5 ThirtyTwo's. Problem is, the Katana's seem too small for my boots. I have the heel cup set all the way back, and the straps lengthened almost all the way, and the toe strap only gets a few...
  5. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new 32 2015 Lashed Chris Bradshaw Snowboard Boots Mens US Size 8 Bought these a week ago but unfortunately they're too small for me. Bought for RRP $369AUD, asking $290AUD. Can post anywhere Cheers
  6. Australia - New Zealand
    Brand new 32 2015 Lashed Chris Bradshaw Snowboard Boots Mens US Size 8 Bought these a week ago but unfortunately they're too small for me. Bought for RRP $369, asking $290. Can post Aus wide Cheers
  7. Boots
    Building my way to an All-mountain setup. This setup is mainly for groomers with occasionally powder and jumps in the park. I am an experienced rider with a semi-aggressive style working on getting better and more aggressive. The setup starts with with Lib Tech TRS HP 154. I am 5'6" and 150lbs...
  8. Boots
    hey guys, no good shops in my area so i need to order boots online. SUCKS. anyway, i know i want somewhat stiff flex as i ride mainly trails and glades. i am an 11D on the brannock device. i am considering the Burton Imperial, the 32 Lashed, 32 TM-Two, 32 binary boa, and the 32 STW boa. I KNOW...
  9. Boots
    second time ever buying boots. first time i had no idea what i was doing and bought boots too large. i want to get it right this time. im 5'11, 195lbs. ~sz 11 - 11.5 in shoes. i am THINKING of going with 32, but only b/c of their mainly good reviews. wanting to check out the ThirtyTwo Lashed...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Have a brand new without tags thirtytwo jacket. Bought it online and is just to big for me. Its a size medium. Here is a pic of the jacket if you wont real pics just let me know but it is new. Make me a offer...
  11. Boots
    Alright, i need some opinions and past experiences. I am looking to buy my first set of boots and bindings this year. Finally got away from renting.. Okay! So here are my choices: I ride all mountain and starting to learn park, mainly park this year though. I live in California, so we don't...
  12. Boots
    I currently have the 07/08 ThirtyTwo Lashed boots. I love them and they're still in great condition. I recently bought a new board and pair of bindings because of the new banana/camber hybrid, magne-traction, canted footbeds, etc. that I didn't have on my old setup. Just wanted to give them a...
  13. Boots
    Hey Guys I was just wondering when the 2014 ThirtyTwo snowboard gear is released?? If so, what site or shop can you get the gear from first up? Directly from the store I assume?? Really keen to pick up the new Tm two´s 2014!! Hopefully before January. Thanks, Tom
  14. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    HI - I have a bunch of brand new in box/plastic Rome, ThirtyTwo, and Bataleon snowboarding equipment (snowboards, boots, and bindings) that I'm parting ways with on ebay: Rome snowboards & bindings - multiple sizes Bataleon snowboards ThirtyTwo boots - multiple sizes Thanks - and let me...
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I've got a pair of 32 boots for sale size 11. used for two seasons. they are the Prion FT. No laces. I will sell for 50 + shipping.
  16. Boots
    For sale are Thirtytwo prion fasttracks. great condition, just a little dirty as they are white. Only used about 5 - 6 times total. Size 11 I've also go a Burton BLunt for sale 147 cm from 2009 and k2 formula bindings size large from 2009 Will...
  17. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a brand new pair of size 7 Thirtytwo Ultralight boots from 2012. They are the lightest park boot on the market, and were discontinued after the 2012 season making them very rare. They retail for $275 but I'll do $190 shipped. Message me for details.
1-17 of 17 Results