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  1. K2 Maysis fitting issues

    Deep south boarder here trying to prepare for my annual pilgrimage to the hill. I'm trying to get my gear ready for this season ( I don't get the chance to do much riding, maybe 4 days a year), but I picked up a pair of K2 Maysis about a year ago. When I first got them I thought they felt a bit...
  2. New Boots Crushing my foot

    Hi, I have always hired crappy boots when I go snowboarding so this time I went to my local store to get boots fitted. The guy convinced me to get some tighter boots as he said they would break in and get comfortable. He suggested that I wear them at home a few times before I go on the mountain...
  3. ride capo heelcup screws insanely tight!

    So i recebtly purchased new board bindings and boots, yey for me. was really excited to set up the board, anyway i installed the bindings and needed to adjust the heelcup to centre the boot on the board. This is where i encountered 4 (2 on each binding) superman+hulk tightened screws. These...
  4. Wanting to have sharper turns on new board

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