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  1. Bindings
    The toe strap on my Nitro Lynx (probably 2015 model or earlier) just snapped. I'm going to buy a new one but I don't know which toe straps will fit the binding. Can I buy a Burton toe strap, or does it have to be a toe strap from the same model?
  2. Bindings
    Toe-caps, ratchets and ladders for Now Drive bindings. Hi all, it's that time of year when I'm prepping my kit to put away for the summer, and I want to make sure it's all good to go for next season. I recently picked up a pair of Now Drive 2019 bindings in sale. I love everything about them...
  3. Bindings
    Hi There Guys, First of all, I'm new to the forum so.. Hi Everyone! So I got myself some Atlas 2013s last year and I am having a major problem getting the toe strap ratchet to release. I've even had to unscrew myself a few times. It's mainly my lead foot but the other one has been fairly hard...
  4. Bindings
    i've got a pair of 09 salomon relay pro bindings and have issues with the toe strap coming off the toe (using burton boots) - seems to be a common problem reading through other threads. has anyone who has used them found a way to a) mess around with them so that the strap stays on or b)...
1-4 of 4 Results