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    Hey everyone, so it appears part of my Orca has started to yellow. Kind of weird as it's stored inside all year and during the off season is stored with my other boards in a board bag in a closet. Has anyone else had the top sheet of a board yellow? Anyone with an Orca have this? Curious how...
  2. Boards
    I bought a snowboard in the fall and after two days of riding I noticed some surprising and disappointing damage. The top layer of my snowboard, heel edge and between my bindings is peeling. What causes this? Is there a good repair I should get done? Thanks for the advice and help!
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    So I picked up a dirt cheap (new) but sun damaged Burton Deja Vu. It was stored improperly at the warehouse and the glaze is cracked and pealing. I knew it was a huge project board and I'm excited to undertake it but am finding very few people who have ever done it. I planned to sand the entire...
1-3 of 3 Results