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    Hi there, I just bought a Capita birds of a feather 19/20 from a private seller. The board was stored in it‘s original plastic wrap and never used. I received it yesterday and instantly recognized that especially the base has blueish discoloration. There‘s also a slightly stain on the topsheet...
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    I bought a snowboard in the fall and after two days of riding I noticed some surprising and disappointing damage. The top layer of my snowboard, heel edge and between my bindings is peeling. What causes this? Is there a good repair I should get done? Thanks for the advice and help!
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    Hi, After first use of my new snowboard it got scratches on topsheet. How can I fix them? Should I apply varnish? Thanks
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    Hi I was on the top of the hill and I sat down to do my bindings real quick right when I was about to get up a snowboarder comes through smacking the tail of my board which chipped a part of my topsheet and sides. So I was wondering if the topsheet and a bit of the side is chipping do I need to...
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    I got a brand new Nitro rook and tried it out for the first time the other weekend.. and i got home and looked at the top sheet and first thing i noticed is the edges of it were already chipped up and dinged up pretty bad. Should I do something about it? it seems pretty brutal since it was the...
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    so i just took my new nitro rook from last season out yesterday.. got to say it's such a fun board would definitely recommend it.. but on the topsheet right where the topsheet and sidewall meet around the edges of the board the topsheets already so dinged up and little pieces of it are chipped...
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    So I was out riding yesterday and at the end of the day I looked over my board and saw a piece of topsheet kind of lifted up :( . I honestly don't know how it happened. I can see some of the wood and fiberglass when I look inside. How can I fix this? (The board is a 2010 Nitro Prime Discord...
1-7 of 7 Results