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  1. General Travel Forum
    My son is 15yo and loves to snowboard and is pretty good doing small jumps and tricks. The problem is he's starting to lose some of that original love because none of his friends are snowboarders. I hope someone else has a child around the same age who loves snowboarding but might be in the...
  2. General Travel Forum
    Just a quick question. Are there any resorts in Europe that might still be open in early May? I'll be going to Southern Germany the first week of May and wouldn't mind escaping to a mountain for a couple of days, if possible. I could get a cheap plane ticket or take the train.
  3. General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning the 'Perfect Winter'. 3 Months of travel and snowboarding... I'd like to hit up Japan, Europe AND USA/Canada... Obviously there are hundreds of resorts within these areas... but in order to maximise the best POW I need your help in recommending what resort at what time...
  4. General Travel Forum
    Hey, I have no idea if this is a useful thread, but imma start this anyway... I'm flying Turkish Airlines to Japan next week... Economy = 30Kg + SNOWBOARD CARRIAGE FOR FREE! Post up what you know...
  5. Snowboarding General Chat
    going on my first trip out west (JFK --> SLC) with one board, boots and bindings. thinking the Low Roller and High Roller might be too much bag and $. thoughts?
  6. General Travel Forum
    I've searched the forum for info on Tahoe and found some good stuff, but I'm posting this thread to get advice specific to my upcoming trip. Trip Details: - 5 guys: 1 intermediate and 4 advanced - Staying in a condo in Stateline. Down the hill from Heavenly, close to the casinos - Riding...
  7. General Travel Forum
    For flying/long distance travel with. Are there better brands/models to carry at a minimum 2 boards? With bindings on? Thanks.
  8. General Travel Forum
    Hey! My friend and I are both from alaska and in the process of doing a tour through South America. We are gonna be in Chile soon and since we find ourselves once again in winter, we want to try and hit up some resorts near Santiago. If anyone has any contacts, advice or recommendations we...
  9. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey guys! I'm considering making a lifestyle/snowboarding magazine for men and need to do some prior research, if you could tell me what you look for in a magazine or fill in the survey below that would rock!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. General Travel Forum
    Traveling to Telluride. Wondering if anyone has tried shipping their boards instead of checking in at the airline? Saw that FedEx has a ship your gear program and looked into Luggage Forward. Does anyone have some 1st hand experiences compared to checking in at the airline?
  11. Back Country Travel
    Going to NZ (south island) in early july, and planning to heli-board, but I don't know where it's best, and which company offers the best deals (prices compared with customer experience)?? Any other experiences (tips, advice, suggestions) with snowboarding bc in New Zealand? -please share! I...
  12. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Powder edit from the alps: click here I appreciate some feedback on how to make better videos! If you have a powder/freeride edit, post!! Lets fire up for the season! Have an awesome day;)
  13. General Travel Forum
    I drive a 2002 Audi A4 which has no roof racks. Does anyone have any suggestions about possible roof rack solutions for 2 snowboards? Trying to keep costs as low as possible. Just wondering what everyone else does in my situation?
  14. General Travel Forum
    Have been thinking about this upcoming season and how to maximize time on the mountain/amount of fun we will have. I'm just curious to know what are some of your personal tips and tricks when it comes to traveling to the mountain. It could be things relating to saving money (i.e. sleeping in...
  15. General Travel Forum
    Recently I started a FB group with about 15 of my friends hoping to try to plan a trip to Tahoe sometime this winter. I am the most serious boarder/skier of the bunch, and I did a lot of research, on this forum and elsewhere, trying to get my initial plans just how I wanted them. Inevitably the...
  16. General Travel Forum
    I'm driving from MN down to Breck this weekend and it looks like there will be a lot of snow coming on Saturday. Do you have any tips for driving I-70 and 9 from Denver to Breck if it's all snowy? I've been driving in winter/snow conditions my whole life so I can handle that, but I've never...
  17. General Travel Forum
    Hey All, As many of you might be planning to catch the last of the snow or some early Easter sun or even thinking about booking your big summer break...I thought I'd share with you this great offer to get 50% off travel insurance. You'll need to get your exclusive discount code to redeem the...
1-17 of 18 Results