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  1. Wanted

    I'm looking for a 2018/19 Lib Tech T.Rice Orca - size 147. If anyone happens to have one that they haven't ridden I just bought the 2019/20 Orca and would be willing to trade brand new, unused. I just love the graphics on last years model. If you or anyone you know has a board that fits the...
  2. wtt - 161.5cm 2013 libtec & ride bindings for Burton channel deck (rock boards)

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    Looking to trade my rock board, a 2013 161.5cm T.Rice (pointy) with 2013 Ride Maestro bindings for a similar sized Burton rock board. I'm trying to consolidate space and use my new Burton bindings on my early/late season deck as well as my FA. This board can definitely be fixed or used as is...
  3. T.Rice Pro HP Reviews?

    I know there's already a thread on this board but I was just wondering if anybody had a more detailed review.
  4. FS 153cm WTB 157cm Lib Tech 2013 T.Rice Pro C2BTX

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    Hi, I got the 153, new. Mounted and tried once to verify that it is indeed too short for me. It was. A no-brainer as I'm 175lbs. Ideally I'd trade with the same board in 157. Location: NYC (I guess FT as in For Trade would've worked instead of FS+WTB. Sorry)
  5. Bindings for Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2BTX

    Hey, it's my first post here! My previous setup was Burton Easy Livin Flying V 2010 w 2012 Cartel ESTs. Had no complaints really, just had an itch for a Lib Tech after trying it once and got a great deal for a 2013 T.Rice Pro C2BTX. I'm 5'11 and the board is 153 (I like'em short), flex rating...
  6. 2014 Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Horsepower

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    Hey guys, so i had a 2012 Lib tech T.Rice Pro HP and it broke just barely over two months of riding it, so i sent it back and they replaced it with a 2014. It is a size 157. Now I love the board, it looks awesome, but I just got a new park board so i would like a bigger T.Rice such as a 161.5 or...
  7. WTB: T.Rice Pro HP 153 2012 model

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    Im looking for a T. Rice Pro HP does anyone happen to have one in good condition or used? or know where I can find some good sales? Thanks
  8. Which board?

    I just watched a video that lib tech released that showed their 13' line of boards. Since I'm only 5'6" and 125lbs with a size 9.5 boot, the t.ripper, lib techs kid version of their t.rice line. it comes in 135, 141, and a 146. but ive heard that children's boards arent made as well as the adult...