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  1. NYC Indoor Snowboard Training is back!

    Meets and Events
    Hey everyone, Its been a little bit but I have been working hard on getting something going. For those of you who don't know me, I am a snowboard coach for over 20 years now and have a coaching company based in Brooklyn NY. I have partnered with a mobility expert to put together a 2 hour class...
  2. 50/50 Slipped on Heel Side

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hi everyone! So I've been snowboarding for about 6 years now and I've done 50/50 just fine on boxes at ski resorts. A few days ago I decided to try my new board at a dry slope (because that's all we have until winter starts). Started going across the box and the board just slipped right out...
  3. Tutorials: What Do You wanna See?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Whats up guys!!! My name is Tommie Bennett, I'm the Head Snowboard Coach of Windells Academy and an Instructor/ Trainer at Vail Mountain. I wanna start offering some video tutorials on pipe, slope and rails or general advice for athletes, instructors or the weekend worriers. 2 questions to...
  4. Best bang for your buck board?

    Comparative Reviews
    I'm new to snowboarding, have only been out once on a 2012 K2 Moment 150. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 135-140lbs. I'm looking to improve my general board handling skills of course, and my ultimate goal seems to be more park oriented in a sense. I really just want to get good at ollies and butter tricks...
  5. Snowboard trick session

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi. Ive been looking a lot around after short snowboard trick sessions. I like to look at the videos and analyse what can be done better etc. I recently found this short video on youtube with only 6 views or something.. It looks pretty cool but what do you think should be done better by the...
  6. need advice on new park board

    Yo, im in my second season boarding. i basically just hit the park and do butters. I sometimes go off track but not too much. im basically just keen for a park setup. i want to get good pop, learn flips, do rails and all that jazz. im 5ft 11. weigh around 170 pounds. i also need a wide board...
  7. Need feedback on park gopro video, how to improve my style

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I recently made a gopro park edit from one of our days up at the park and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to improve my style and riding? tricks to progress too? How to learn frontside spins? All feedback is really appreciated!
  8. Opening Day @ Sierra

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey everyone! Have been riding for a while but just got into filming and broadening my abilities! Went up to Sierra at Tahoe last weekend with some friends and got some short clips put together. Not the best footage and not the best terrain for a good video but we just got 21" of snow so we...
  9. TELUS Park Snowboard Edit in BC, Canada

    Snowboarding General Chat
    CLICK-HERE-TO-WATCH: :happy: Check out this new snowboarding edit that was filmed at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Clips recorded using a Canon EOS 70D + GoPro Hero 4. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed and leave a comment...
  10. All the boards in this video are Camber

    Sorry for the spam guys.. was just trying to get our youtube channel out there. Never posted on a forum before so we didn't really know what type of feedback we were going to get. Sorry to upset the majority of you who did not enjoy the song.
  11. Big White TELUS Park Snowboard Edit Canada

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    CLICK-HERE-TO-WATCH: :happy: Check out this new snowboarding edit that was filmed at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Clips recorded using a Canon EOS 70D + GoPro Hero 4. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed and leave a comment...
  12. Tips for front board

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Finding it hard to land with board flat on boxes and rails, any tips for this or practice drills?
  13. Freestyle Tips?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Does anyone have any pointers or things to take into notice when getting into freestyle? I've been trying to get into it, but I'm not sure how to. I've been getting into jumps and trying to do some basic 180s and 360s, but I can't seem to get them down. :dizzy:
  14. Tricks for rail jams?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I'm a girl and I'm getting real tired of the typical boardslide or frontboard or presses and 189s on/off. I am learning frontboards to 270s off right now but idk what else would gain some major points? We have a cannon, a coragated tube, a down bar and something else for the rail jam... Any...
  15. What are some of your trip and travel tips or tricks?

    General Travel Forum
    Have been thinking about this upcoming season and how to maximize time on the mountain/amount of fun we will have. I'm just curious to know what are some of your personal tips and tricks when it comes to traveling to the mountain. It could be things relating to saving money (i.e. sleeping in...
  16. What's in your bag of tricks?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    What tricks can you guys do? Personally, I have 270's on to rails, 180's off, 540's, boardslides, and 360 grabs.
  17. the very last time i promise!

    Snowboarding General Chat
    hey guys this is the FINAL edit of video games event! you've all be super supported before and help out a bunch! we won the trip to Puerto Rico thanks to you guys!!! but now theres a trip to Grenade Games 9 in mammoth on the line for this edit! help me out this one last time and it will be the...
  18. Help My team Win Video Games Event!

    Snowboarding General Chat
    hey guys. my team big buck hunter is trying to win video games event and a trip to puerto rico. videogames is a video snowboarding event kinda like sofa king new england. this isnt our best edit because the blizzard hit on the filming day but just go and click vote! Vote for big buck hunter and...
  19. JDND Video Teaser

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey guys, check out the teaser I made for me and my buddies' upcoming video. I used Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects to put this together. I was just wondering what you guys though, since you guys probably watch a bunch. It was all filmed with the GoPro Hero 3 and both my buddies cameras...
  20. Suggestions?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey, I've been snowboarding for a few years now, but have never really attempted any tricks. I'm pretty sure this is mostly down to fear. I want to learn some tricks that are pretty easy, but also look good. If you've got any suggestions of good begginer tricks or tips to combat fear it would...