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    Hey there, anyone who can compare a Lib Tech TRS HP 2019 to a Capita Outsiders 2020 or share some insights about the below topic? Im looking for a board with a softer flex than the TRS HP for slightly easier buttering. Board is to be destroyed at the park.. jib, medium jumps, butters. Im a big...
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    Hi All, Found people's opinions on this forum to be very useful in narrowing down to a new board that best suits my needs. That said, I'm fairly confident that the Lib Tech TRS is the closest match to what I'm looking for (the lack of a sintered base being the only drawback). I'm wondering if...
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    Hello everyone, i'm currently searching for boards and I am down to these two options. I want to go for the Banana Magic, however I've seen some reviews that the TRS is a bit les stiff, a bit more buttery etc. Is this a case? I would like a playfull board (with a hybrid technology) but also...
1-3 of 3 Results