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    I'll get straight to it, I've always had my gear tuned by shops, without any regard for what bevels/angles they put on my gear. But now I'm going to tryy to start maintaining (at least the side bevel) myself. I have the TOKO edge tuner pro, the file, and 400/600 grit diamond stones as well. I...
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    I just got myself a new 2013 Jones Mountain Twin from my local shop. Now I wonder what I need to do to prepare it for a long and happy riding-live: - Would you advise me to wax it right away? The guy at shop told me it's ready to go (straight from the factory) but lots of info here at the forum...
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    Choad Cheese handcrafted snowboard wax has made staying waxed up even easier with the introduction of the Choad Cheese Pounder. It's 1lb of snowboard wax for $20 shipped to your home. Crack Grease Snowboarding: Wax Chemists of Snowboard and Ski Wax. Purveyors of stoke!
1-3 of 3 Results