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  1. Looking for an all mountain board.

    Hey guys I'm an intermediate rider looking for a 2019 board for the following: 1. Groomers 2. Pow and off piste 3. jumping stuff 4 Very occasional park lap Been looking at the Jones mountain twin, Flagship, Lib tech terrain wrecker, T Rice pro, Burton deep thinker etc. I love the look of the...
  2. Set up a Directional twin as a twin?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. I recently picked up a 165w team exposure snowboard by Nitro. I have a background in wake boarding so really enjoy a twin feel but this board is a Directional twin... I set up my bindings so that it would have the same tip and tail length. I moved my rear...
  3. Jones Twin Sister 149cm

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    $250 (+ shipping) Jones Twin Sister 149: The Twin sister is the ladies twist on the men's Mountain Twin. Built for the steeps and deeps, this board is surprisingly playful and ready for a variety of conditions and objectives. The directional twin shape has a slight setback and is paired with a...
  4. Best true twin asym board

    I am looking to replace my Burton Custom (camber, 151) with a true twin asym board. Maybe a tiny bit bigger. First, I really like my Custom. No problem following my kids to the park for small jumps, buttering and playing around (to old for rails and bigger jumps:)). Also great for carving in...
  5. FS: 2014/2015 Jones Mountain Twin size 157

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    2014/2015 Jones Mountain Twin snowboard for sale, size 157cm. Six days of riding in mostly Utah powder and backcountry, plus some warmup groomers. Complete tuneup done after day five, to include stone grind, edges and fresh wax. A few minor nicks already ptex-ed. Willing to wax prior to sale...
  6. Best Twin board for powder (and groomers)

    My search goes on. I have narrowed down my criteria for my next All Mountain board. (Not necessarily in this order:) - Twin. I do more and more switch riding. - Carving. I love morning groomers. And I have some ski friends I need to keep up with:) - Powder. I love this even more, but honestly we...
  7. Burton Twin Martini for Sale

    Hi! I have a 147 Burton Twin Martini board for sale from 1995. The board is in almost mind condition with some simple scrapes on the nose and a little on the bottom that was filled in. I am looking to get 300$ or best offer for the board. It doesn't come with any bindings or boots. I have been...
  8. Jones Mountain Twin 161W or 164W

    So I've decided to get a Mountain Twin '14 instead of a skatebananana. The question is the length either a 161W or 164W Any thoughts on that? Specs: 38, 196cm (6'4") tall and 105Kg (230lb), size 11.5 boots. Intermediate level, riding a Burton King 167 camber now, wanted something a bit more...
  9. Reverb Rocker, Agent Rocker, or something else?

    5'11", 170 lbs, size 10.5 boots. I mostly ride powder (particularly trees), and on non powder days I like to ride the mountain like it's a park, but don't actually ride in the park that much. I might hit a small-medium park jump every now and then. Looking for a board that is poppy and...