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union binding company

  1. Union binding Burton board, need help

    Hi! Got my son the Union Contact Pro bindings and the 2019 Burton free thinker. The binding screws are too large for the channel. Website says they are compatible. Not sure what I’m missing here. HELP please! :)
  2. Union Force: replacing straps

    Hi all! I have these Union Force bindings of which Union says they’re rather old (time flies) I love them but need to replace the straps as the material is falling apart and the buckles don’t work well anymore. Now I had some contact with someone who imports this bindings into the Netherlands...
  3. ISO Advertising

    Buy and Sell Other Items
    Searching for trade show banners, flags, odd forms of advertising for companies. Mostly looking for Capita Snowboard, GNU, and Union Binding Company but will think about any others. HMU if you have anything
  4. I.s.o.

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Looking for used trade shows banner people are willing to sell. Looking mostly for Capita, GoPro, Union, and GNU but anyones will work. Let me know what people have.
  5. New canting thread

    Hi everybody. I wanted to start a new thread and gather some direct feedback on canting. If interested, let us know your specs and let your voice be heard. 1. Binding Brand & Model You Currently Ride: 2. Width & Angles: 3. Generalize up your riding type (all-mtn, jibber...
  6. In the Market for a very stiff responsive binding?

    I just recently got a T Rice pro HP 155cm board and im looking to get a pair of very responsive and stiff pair of bindings.....I have a couple different kinds in mind. i would like to stay old school and prefer straps then the step in bindings like the Flows or Gnu bindings .... im leaning...
  7. DC MLF craigslist opinion

    Hey guys I'm a little new here but I found a snowboard on craiglist and I have a few questions. 1. Will the piece on the side missing make a tremendous difference? 2. Is it possible to fix? 3. Will the Dc MLF be good for jumps and a little bit of powder? Here's the link- Snowboard, Burton...
  8. Union bindings?

    So Im somewhat brand new to snowboarding with the exception of boarding Big Bear a couple times and Mammoth once. I have only rented equipment and never really payed much attention to what I was riding and never took the plunge and bought my own gear. Now I have officially bought my own board...
  9. Roxy Team bindings any good? Need women's bindings and boots suggestions!!

    Hi Everyone, I just started snowboarding last season and I am planning on buying my own gear for this year! I am planning on getting the Roxy Ollie Pop board but I am unsure of what kind of bindings to get. I was thinking of the Roxy Team 2013 bindings but I couldn't find much reviews on...
  10. Sizing Questions

    I was going to order a pair of Union Bindings (not the contacts) and was wondering a few things about sizing. I am a size 7 Burton boot and was wondering whether I should go with a S/M size bindings or the M/L. The M/L does say it is for size 8 so will it be much to big for me to feel secure...
  11. New jibstick

    So lately I have been searching around for a new jibstick. Im 5' 8" and weigh 128 pounds. I've been tying to decide between the Arbor Draft, the Bataleon Disaster, and the Rome Hammerhead. The Arbor seems really nice with the fancy rocker and all but since I am a Rome fan, the Hammerhead looks...
  12. Arbor 158 Element CX

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    For sale and only used for one season for only 15 days. 158 Arbor Element CX. Arbor Snowboard 158 Element CX
  13. Win a new pair of union bindings!!!

    Here's how to win - Reply & Quote this post. Best caption for the photo below wins! Post as many entries as you want Winner will be chosen in 14-17 days. Binding model to be given away depends on the winner (ladies get in on this)! Could be a pair of 13/14, or maybe a pair of super...
  14. Enter to win new bindings!

    Alright, here's the deal: Post a photo of your best method air. Photos will be judged mostly on style, with bonus points for size and photo quality. I'm going to let this run for a week or so. Please state the date, location of your shot, and which UNION model you would like to win. All are...