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    Hello Looking for advice and help please. I'm an early intermediate rider (28 days of riding under my belt), 175cm, 85kg (hopefully I can shed some), 7UK/8US boot size. I ride mainly groomers and have no intention of doing park riding, jumping or anything fancy. Just looking to progress and...
  2. Bindings
    Hi! Got my son the Union Contact Pro bindings and the 2019 Burton free thinker. The binding screws are too large for the channel. Website says they are compatible. Not sure what I’m missing here. HELP please! :)
  3. Bindings
    I really wanna get the 20% off deal before there all gone but I cant decide on which size would be good. Just ordered my self a new pair of Ride Boots size 10. I tried on some Burton Boots at my local shop and had a really hard time between 10 and 10.5. 10.5 was comfortable and 10 was tight but...
  4. Bindings
    Hey guys, new here, and somewhat new to snowboarding. Will be approaching my second season here in Colorado, and now that I have progressed I am looking to build my own setup. I am planning on buying a Never Summer Heritage and am torn as to what bindings to get. Really liking the Union Contact...
  5. Bindings
    Best Snowboard Bindings of 2013-2014 >> Mountain Weekly News Union Contact Pro Now IPO Burton Diode K2 Hurrithane Rome Boss Read the full reviews here:
  6. Bindings
    Been riding for 14 years and mostly ride Park/freestyle/street. Looking into switching to some Union Contact Pro's. Whats everyone's opinion on them? Positive/Negative things? Other options out there?
  7. Bindings
    guys im back with one last question.. the time has come for me to pick up some new bindings. They're gonna be paired up with an Arbor Blacklist. I ride mostly park with occasional runs through the mountain. Which bindings would be better for overall freestyle? I wanted the 390 bosses at first...
1-7 of 7 Results