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  1. Bindings
    Hello, I’ve just bought my first new board in 14 years with the Capita Outsiders and I’m looking for advice on what bindings to pair with it. I’d say I’m experienced intermediate, I like to hit the park but it’s not often open at the time of year that I go snowboarding so I’m mostly hitting...
  2. Boards
    Hello Looking for advice and help please. I'm an early intermediate rider (28 days of riding under my belt), 175cm, 85kg (hopefully I can shed some), 7UK/8US boot size. I ride mainly groomers and have no intention of doing park riding, jumping or anything fancy. Just looking to progress and...
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Part of the 2020/2021 Union Force 5 Pack that was only sent to select shops around the globe. I used these 4 times last season. Looking to meet up in the Denver metro area or willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  4. Bindings
    Hi guys, I bought a brand new Jones Mountain Twin 2022, and I still can't decide which bidings to buy between the Burton Cartel, Cartel X, or Union Force. Maybe there are more bindings to choose with in the Union lineup, but I don't know which. My preference right now goes to the Cartel X...
  5. Bindings
    Hi all! I have these Union Force bindings of which Union says they’re rather old (time flies) I love them but need to replace the straps as the material is falling apart and the buckles don’t work well anymore. Now I had some contact with someone who imports this bindings into the Netherlands...
  6. Bindings
    I'm looking for a solid park binding. i narrowed my choices down to these too. Please give your input. I'm open for other suggestions but please stay between these two bindings and give feedback about these two.
  7. Bindings
    size 10.5 Burton Imperial boot 159 Never Summer West all i do is ride groomers and glades thanks dudes
  8. Bindings
    the Cartels just never feel right to me and the top cap always rides up. to give you perspective, i ride L Cartels and a size 10.5 Burton Imperial boot. if i was to get rid of the Cartels in favor of the Union Force, would that be an upgrade and if so, what size should i go with? thanks.
  9. Bindings
    im getting a new lib tech hot knife in a few days and need some bindings too. im looking for something that will let me carve it out around the resort, and then go and hit a few jumps and boxes. im an advanced rider(carving, and riding around resorts) but a complete beginner to park(im planning...
  10. Bindings
    I'm looking for a new set up for next year. I already have my board, 2015 Nitro T1, and my boots, 2015 Flow SoLite Coiler Boas, but I'm having trouble deciding between the 2015 Nitro Teams and the 2015 Union Forces. They're both about the same price and I've seen good reviews for both of them. I...
  11. Boards
    im not sure if i should go for a wide board or regular i have size 12 thirty two lashed boots and a l/xl union force bindings would there be much overhang if i got a regular width board the board is a forum youngblood doubledog thats waist width is 24.9 and the tip and tail is 29.35 plz help me...
  12. Bindings
    Hey I just bought my first setup ready for a Canadian snowboarding trip, hopefully a lot more this year too, i've done a bit of snowboarding but usually hire a board or use a mates as i live in Perth, Western Australia and we have zero snow haha anyway.... I picked up a Rome Postermania 153...
  13. Bindings
    Hey guys, I need to pick up some new bindings for Skate Banana and wanted to get your opinions. Would you rather buy: Union Force 2010/2011 - $70 (used - or Union Force...
  14. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Used 6 times. Board has a few scratches, no other damage. Season is over and I need the money 155 Capita Ultrafear with Union Bindings | eBay
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling capita ultra fear and union forces. Used about 6 times. Couple scratches and dings but no chips or major damage. Setup retails for about 600 155 Capita Ultrafear with Union Bindings | eBay
  16. Bindings
    This year, I have Flow NX2-GT's. I personally don't like them. I don't like how heavy they are and they don't feel like they have very good response with the board. I hope to sell them, and buy Union Force. From what I have heard, They are a great park binding for jibbing and freestyle. I am...
  17. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi I have a pair of Union forces M/L in orange colorway that I would like to trade for a pair of malavitas. Show me what you have!
  18. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while, but i recently got a new board so i'm trying to sell my destroyer. Its in great condition! Truly an insane board. 2010 Forum Destroyer chillydog 155cm Im gonna be reusing my bindings, unless someone is interested in a whole setup type deal. I have...
1-18 of 18 Results