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  1. Union Force size for Adidas Acerra UK10

    I have new Adidas Acerra in a UK10 that won’t fit my Large Malavitas on the toestrap so want to buy Union Force Team. What size can anyone recommend, or if anyone has this boot an alternative binding? Thanks
  2. Union Legacy Satin Gold Issues

    Recently purchased a pair of Union Legacy Satin Gold bindings from the local shop here in Fernie, BC for my wife. She had to have them because of how great they looked. Unfortunately not even two trips out and they look like this. Is this normal after so little use? I have a pair of volt yellow...
  3. WTT:Have 150cm Signal Snowboard, 9.5 Nike Vapen x Poler

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a 2015 150cm Signal Disruptor Snowboard(Camber)- like new(ridden twice) Also Nike x Poler Vapen Snowboard Boots Sz. 9.5, limited edition, brand new(Never ridden) SOLD I have more boards than bindings so I'm trying to even the ratio out. Willing to trade 1 for 1, as long as the bindings...
  4. Thinking new bindings?

    Binding Reviews
    Last year I got a new setup for all-mountain riding. Jones Discovery 145 and paired it with 2016/2017 Ride Capo bindings. Looking at this year's selection where I work has me drooling for new gear. Considering that the Capo's are men's bindings wondering if I should go for a woman's specific...
  5. FS 17' Burton Custom camber 65w with 17' Union force bindings

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    (SOLD) 17' Burton Custom camber 65w with 17' Union force bindings Clearing out some gear I don't need to make some room in the closet. The board was used for the late season mashed potatoes, has no core shots or edge damage. There is a small chip on the top sheet one being about a 1/4" on the...
  6. WTB: Bindings for a size 9 boot

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey there, I am new to this forum, and searching for a pair of bindings that fit a size 9 boot. Really interested in the Burton Cartel, Mission, Union force, and flite pro, But also whatever else thats out there. Please send me a DM with price and pictures! :grin:
  7. STRONGER, The Union Team Movie

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    If you haven't seen it, here is where the movie will live forever. Free.
  8. FS: 157cm Monster Sage Kotsenburg APO Snowboard lot. Union bindings, backpack, & case

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    FS: 157cm Monster Sage Kotsenburg APO Snowboard lot. Union bindings, backpack, & case This is my first time selling here so if I'm doing something wrong, let me know. I'd prefer to sell everything as a lot. I'm hoping to sell it all so that I can get some Seba inline freestyle skates. Total...
  9. Not a huge fan of my 2014 Burton Cartel bindings. Are the Union Force an upgrade?

    the Cartels just never feel right to me and the top cap always rides up. to give you perspective, i ride L Cartels and a size 10.5 Burton Imperial boot. if i was to get rid of the Cartels in favor of the Union Force, would that be an upgrade and if so, what size should i go with? thanks.
  10. Just sold my 2014 Burton Cartels. What should I pair with my new Never Summer West?

    Board: 159 NS West Boots: Sz 10.5 Burton Imperial Riding ability: Intermediate Riding style: Groomers and glades only (East Coast) thanks bros!
  11. Union trilogy size advice

    Hello everyone, I am a size 7 in womens thirty-two boots and was wondering if a size small in the union trilogy bindings would fit. I know that on the size chart it says 3-6.
  12. GNU BStreet 2010 w/ Union Bindings, Anon goggles, boots

    GNU BStreet Selling womens GNU Bstreet
  13. FS or Trade: Bindings,Boots, Boards

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey guys, its getting close to El Nino! I have 2 pairs of union bindings in L/Xl. New Contacts (2014), and used contact pros (2013) would be willing to trade for M/L Forces or M sized Burton Cartels/Vitas, shoot me an offers as well. I have size 11 Thirty Two lashed i would like to sell and i...
  14. WTB Union Force Bindings

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking to buy 2013 magenta and 2014 matte yellow in l/xl size. Plus if anyone has white toe and heel ladders I will buy those as well. Doing a special franken binding for a friend of mine that past away in 2013. Shoot me offers
  15. Union L/XL on T. Rice 157 (pics)

    Hello. I just recently got a Lib Tech T. Rice 157. This board has a waist width of 25.8 cm. I am 6'1" and 185 lbs. I currently wear a 2013 ThirtyTwo Lashed, size 11. I put 2014 Union Contact Pro's, size L/XL, on this Lib Tech board. I have the binding heel cup sized all the way in. My angles are...
  16. I have good stuff:Looking for Lib tech boards, rare Nike boots or rare union bindings

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hello, I am looking for Lib tech boards: This years lynn 151 possibly the 154, super banana 152, banana magic 152, trice 150, 154 or maybe the ripper 146, or some others in that length range. Union bindings: any of the newer custom house unions, or any older rare bindings. Nike boots: The...
  17. Bindings for Capita DOA

    I have bought 2015 Capita Defenders of awesome. I'm considering about buying a new bindings for this new cool deck. I use thirtytwo tm-two boots. I want an all around bindings that can hit the kicks on the parks, and do some tricks, and even good for hitting all mountain with hard...
  18. Malavita vs Union capita badass(force)

    I'm looking for a new bindings to use with 2015 capita defenders of awesome and 2013 thirtytwo tm-two boots I want an all around bindings(maybe little more interest to jump on mountain or kick on park) that fits well with my deck and boots. Malavita is just a famous one. And Union x capita...
  19. WTB: Bindings Large Unions/Cartels/etc.

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking for mid to upper end bindings. Needs to fit size 11+ boot, not really concerned with how new they are, just not over 4 years I guess. Let me know what you have, very open to try new bindings! Thanks -Michael
  20. Need some help choosing the right bindings

    Hi, I just purchased my first board, but have been riding for 10 years (on rentals). The board is a Roxy XOXO PTX, but i am not sure what would be a good binding for me. I don't spend almost any time in the park and am looking for a bind that will do well with fast turns. I would love to stay...