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  1. What kind of board do I need?

    I'm not very familiar with snowboarding terminologies. It seems like I would be considered a freerider. When I'm on the mountain, I ride groomers all day. The nice morning groomers and the carved up, packed and icy evening/night groomers. I also take jumps and I like to ollie. I never go to...
  2. What boards are good for this riding style?

    This is pretty much what I do: Snowboarding Lake Louise - Gondola Lap - YouTube Just add a jump every now and then. What would be some good boards for that style? I'm looking to upgrade my setup. I'm pretty dead set on the Burton Ions boots and Cartel bindings. I've been looking at the...
  3. From Burton TWC Standard to Custom?

    I currently use the lowest end Burton setup. TWC Standard, Freeseyle bindings and Invader boots. I'm looking to upgrade everything. I'm quite set on buying the Ion boots. I'm having trouble deciding between the Cartels, Malavita and Genesis. With the board though, is the Custom a good...
  4. Will upgrading make much of a difference?

    I currently use a pretty low-end setup. It was also my first and I'm wondering if I upgrade everything, will it make much of a difference? I currently use the Burton "White Collection" board. I think its the cheapest model they make. I also use the Burton Freestyle bindings and the Burton...