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  1. NEED RECOMMENDATIONS! Planning the 'Perfect Winter'.

    General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning the 'Perfect Winter'. 3 Months of travel and snowboarding... I'd like to hit up Japan, Europe AND USA/Canada... Obviously there are hundreds of resorts within these areas... but in order to maximise the best POW I need your help in recommending what resort at what time...
  2. Under-the-radar, quality "Outdoors" brands still Made in USA?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    do they exist? i have yet to find many other than Feathered Friends.
  3. What happened to Status Snowboards?

    MIUSA in Never Summer's factory. where are they now?
  4. Resort Recommendation Required...

    General Travel Forum
    I have a few friends in New York who want to start boarding next year. Usually I go to European resorts (I live in UK) with a group of friends, but as my NY buddies want to get involved, we are looking to make next year's trip a USA/Canada one. I would like recommendations for a resort that fits...