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  1. Big Mountain Intimidation and how to conquer it?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    hey all, so a little background on myself. i am purely an intermediate, east coast rider. can handle most of what the east coast throws at me - at least on the trail. tight trees can be a different story. anyhow, last week i took my second ever trip out West. we hit Park City, The Canyons and...
  2. Just moved to Salt Lake City

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    I just moved to Salt Lake City from the northeast(Whiteface) and am looking for advice for which mountain I should get a season pass for. Also looking for people to ride with
  3. Utah Locals: Forgot to grab my sister a souvenir t-shirt...

    Snowboarding General Chat
    anyone know any online stores that might sell mountain shirts (for instance Snowbird, Brighton or Park City gear)? i know Snowbird's site has some shirts but they're pretty limited.
  4. Headed to Utah tomorrow for the first time and they're expecting WARMTH and RAIN

    Intermountain US
    :crying: i don't even know what to say
  5. East coaster headed out West (Utah) for the first time ever, March 3-7th...

    General Travel Forum
    ...and the forecast is NOT looking great right now :crying:
  6. Ltd. Optics Axiom goggles

    General Equipment Reviews.
    So I picked up some Ltd. Optics ELX goggles last season at Brighton's Passapalooza because I loved the look and I like supporting small businesses. I rode them all last season and loved them! I put more than 90 days in with them and they never let me down. So, when I saw on Ltd's Facebook page...
  7. Headed West (Utah) for the first time ever March 2016. Where to stay?

    General Travel Forum
    where are the best hotels/resorts to stay that are close to the mountains yet convenient from the airport and the donwtown area for apres ski? thanks!
  8. Considering going to Utah this March. Please come and provide advice.

    General Travel Forum
    first: chances there will be some decent snow in early March? second: can you recommend some of the best (niceness vs. price vs. close to town) to stay? third: must see/do besides snowboard? thanks guys!
  9. Park city bound!

    General Travel Forum
    Hiya guys. So, living in Michigan my whole life, i only got sort of a taste of downhill boarding. We get PLENTY of snow down here, but all of our resorts are minuscule. I've gotten the chance to go to utah this winter with my mom. I'll be boarding up there solo so i thought id ask what ill need...
  10. Good Places for backcountry/general powder riding

    General Travel Forum
    What's up guys, I'm trying to plan a trip for next winter and I've been trying to find the best place for resort powder riding and some backcountry. Really, I just want to find a place where I'm going to get the best powder I can get, that's decently uncrowded so there's tons of freshies. I...
  11. park city?

    General Travel Forum
    would it be worth it to fly over to park city for 2 full days of snowboarding? i'm an east coast snowboarder started last year its already became my passion i just wanna know if it's worth it. any opinions would be appreciated
  12. Coming from Louisiana to stay permantly and snowboard forever! How expensive is it?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi, I'm looking to move from Louisiana to Utah so I can start snowboarding and eventually become an instructor. But I'm confused about resort prices, ski lift tickets and season passes. Do I really have to 50 bucks a day to use a chair lift for that day if I want to snowboard? Is that in...