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  1. General Travel Forum
    Hi All, I am planning to visit Stowe for two days on weekdays in mid of Feb before the president's day (hopefully that will make it less crowded). Just hoping to get some tips to make my visit more pleasant :) I have some questions about the resort, really appreciate it if someone can provide...
  2. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Anyone else here snowboard in Upstate New York or Vermont? Always down to make new friends. Cheers!
  3. Boards
    i made the thread about the Never Summer West and I am heavily leaning that way but is there other boards from NS or other brands I should cross shop? 5'11 195lbs 10.5 boot 99% east coast (Vermont) riding all i do is ride groomers and glades do not care about park at ALL
  4. Northeast US
    any ideas of how the conditions might be? i know we are almost 2 weeks out, but looking to get an idea before i plan a trip up.
  5. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    conquered marked glade trails with a fair amount of ease. it was the unmarked stuff that made me sketch out a bit and i almost bit it pretty hard a few different times. would you guys consider these wide open or tight? these were a black diamond glade run that i fared pretty well on.
  6. Northeast US
    which places have the better, younger crowds? i know its pretty quiet for the most part.
  7. Northeast US
    supposed to be going to Stratton tomorrow night after work. staying fri night, sat night and coming home saturday. i have AWD but it is a Honda CRV, not the best. think i'll be OK?
  8. Northeast US
    been to stratton a few times. definitely not my favorite hill in the world (price, size, etc.) but its OK and we have a free mansion to stay in. that said, are there any really good runs/glades i can check out? the only glades ive found have been insanely tight and i am still trying to learn...
  9. Snowboarding General Chat
    and just save up for a trip or two out west? if so, what is the best way to do so relatively affordably? i am so sick of riding corduroy, ice and hard pack.
  10. Northeast US
    anyone been to one or all three? how do they stack up? i am coming from NYC, so the closer the better but they all seem to be fairly similar in distance. i know jay is known for snow and glades. i don't know much about the other two.
  11. Northeast US
    seems conditions are pretty poor. it is going to be SUPER cold. i'd be driving up solo from NYC but i have a free house to stay at all weekend. thoughts?
  12. General Travel Forum
    So here's the deal, I think I want to move back to the east coast. My Grandmother has about 3 weeks left and I would like to be closer to my family. My family lives on the Jersey shore and I live in Mammoth lakes CA. I want to be home but I NEED to be in the mountains to pursue my career in the...
  13. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    here are the links to my season edit my mid season and some others check them out. David McCarthy 2013/2014 on Vimeo David McCarthy late mid-season on Vimeo Skull Cakin' on Vimeo White Teeth Teens on Vimeo
  14. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    would like to start this since i need help and am now addicted to glade riding tried it for the first time last year at Stowe in vermont. got my ass KICKED, but absolutely LOVED it. just such a more interesting/fun/back-to-nature type experience that i have never had on a trail (at least on the...
  15. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey guys, if you wouldn't mind, could you take a look at a video I put up on YouTube. I would really appreciate any advice I could get, whether it be on my style, my technique for snowboarding or even just advice on the video. Feel free to comment on the video. Any advice is appreciated...
  16. Resort Trip Reports
    If you had to choose one, which one would you go to and why?
  17. Eastern Canada
    Anyone looking to hit Jay Peak right after the New Year!! Still part of X-Mas Break! * Date: Jan 2-5, 2014 * Location: Vermont, USA * Mountain: Jay Peak Resort * Cost: $350/person ** Included access to Water Park * Accommodation: HOTEL JAY (King Lock / Studios / 1 Br units / 2 Br units) *...
  18. Snowboarding General Chat
    Would anyone be interested in demo-ing and having a film part for a new product soon to launch? It's a little beat maker that sticks on your snowboard, and remixes music as you ride. Our crew is heading to Mount Snow, VT this week to try and capture a run while mixing music, and would be...
  19. General Travel Forum
    Hey me and friends were gonna take a bus up to mount snow this saturday and it was gonna cost 95 for everything.. I was wondering if it'd be worth it to go there this early in the season. We're really craving a shred session haha any opinions welcome
  20. Boards
    Its an all green snowboard without a serial # it says molson in large print at the bottom and the top it has a VT license plate which says 'green mountain lager' I was told this might be rare or may have been won during a competition in vt , and I have searched the internet and have never found...
1-20 of 22 Results