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  1. Boards
    I stumbled across an old Kemper Freestyle board. I originally thought it was the new version of the brand. Through internet searches I found out that I actually have the 1987 Kemper Freestyle aka “Lucky Charms”. Does anyone know if this brand or board in particular is worth anything? Any...
  2. Snowboard Reviews
    Found an old Rusty Tri Hull snowboard I forgot I had up in the loft. Appears to be in fairly good nick, just got slight rust on the rails. I have no interest in using it and may just stick it up on the wall but I was wondering if anyone could offer a possible value for it?? I may sell it as it...
  3. Boards
    have an old Palmer board I was gifted by a relative that respects the old culture and used to shred back in the day. Just wondering what exactly it is and hoping to find the answer on here
1-3 of 3 Results