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waist width

  1. "Wide" board doctrine - let's be mathematical

    Has been widely discussed. not trying to revisit old topic but just looking at it from a different perspective. 1) obviously board manufacturer differ from another and even in the different models they sell in terms what they call "wide". e.g 2018 159W ww 263mm yes standard ww 264mm or 160...
  2. Waist Width for Size 9.5/10 Mens Boots?

    Hey I'm a chick with size 9.5/10 mens boots (womens 10.5/11) so i can't ride most womens boards because my overhang is a few inches. Just based off my boot size does anyone have any recommendations for waist width of boards? I'm looking at a couple with 246-249mm but I've already been through 2...
  3. jones flagship sizing

    Evening all, first post! I'm posing a usual board sizing question... I've just ordered a Jones Flagship 154 as i'm off to Japan pretty soon. I went with the '54 size as I'm about 68kg/150lbs (without backcountry gear) and am 5'8"/171cm. I've got some Burton Cartel Bindings (medium) with...
  4. How small is too small

    Hi everyone, new member here. I'm a beginner at snowboarding, but I'm progressing very fast :cool: I'm looking for a new board for the next season, because of the limited choice of the boards,budget and my knowledge, and need help choosing one. My specs: height: 193cm / 6.3 feet weight: 93kg...