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    What is your favorite wax brand for universal all around value? Trying to rule out any super expensive or racing waxes. I’ve read the other posts asking this question:
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    Hello all, as a bloody rookie I got a few questions about maintenance. From what I've heard so far would the following be sufficient: Renew hot wax about all 5 days Deburr edges also around all 5 days Apply cold wax daily when snowboarding Renew/Grind edges once yearly Is that alright so far...
  3. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey I live a little south of ATL and from what I've read it's time for me to wax and tune my board. I don't want to take my board to someone who will mess it up tho. Does anyone know where I can take my board to someone who will do a good job. Has anyone had any experience with board tuners in GA.
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    Today after my snowboarding session I noticed this pretty deep scratch on my snowboard. I can't see the base of the board but there can be seen three white dots that may be the base. So is waxing enough? Or should I use Ptex. Thanks!
  5. Outerwear and Accessories
    I am in the market for a waxing iron and the DAKINE one that I am looking at says it is made for use with all DAKINE Cake Wax. I have never heard that term before and was wondering what it meant. Will the iron be ideal for hot waxes like the Swix F4 or any other regular hot wax/rub on? Thanks
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    What are some good wax brands to use ? I feel like when I buy like a cheap wax from sports authority or a chain like that I feel the wax just wipes away fast n I'mtalking about hot waxing not no bs rub on paste wax for sintered bases I an Asshole for thinking this and its all in my head...
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    Whatsup guys, new to the forum! I just got a new board as an early christmas present, a libtech hot knife :yahoo: and recently decided to start waxing my own board. i picked up an iron and everything else id need to wax, and waxed last night. the wax job seemed to go well for my first time...
  8. Boards
    Hello I have just purchased my first board the 2014 lib tech skate banana I am wondering what wax I should use I believe that it is an extruded base but I see people saying there's no point using hot wax because it doesn't sink in to the base and stay there long But you also see people saying...
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    I just got my Never Summer Cobra X and loving it(although wish i got the 161cm instead of 163), I didn't have any problems on the ice this past weekend, oh god edges are so sharp mostly because it's new I think lol So I basically have 3 questions; Remember I just got it, and I ride twice a week...
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    I just got myself a new 2013 Jones Mountain Twin from my local shop. Now I wonder what I need to do to prepare it for a long and happy riding-live: - Would you advise me to wax it right away? The guy at shop told me it's ready to go (straight from the factory) but lots of info here at the forum...
  11. Snowboarding General Chat
    Want cheap, quality wax? Check out Papi Wax, a new, modern wax company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wax at the lowest price. We have a buy one get one free sale going on right now for all wax for a limited time! Check out our online stores at and...
1-11 of 11 Results