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    What is your favorite wax brand for universal all around value? Trying to rule out any super expensive or racing waxes. I’ve read the other posts asking this question:
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    So I took my snowboard to snowboardstore to get it waxed as I read on reddit new snowboard should get some waxing before first use. This is what I got. Should I be be bothered?
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    Hey, I was brushing my board after waxing with, at least I thought so, light pressure on the base. But it turns out I somehow managed to scratch the base. There's even a spot with scratches perpendicular to the length of the board (I just moved the brush to the side to wipe away that wax dust...
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    What are some good wax brands to use ? I feel like when I buy like a cheap wax from sports authority or a chain like that I feel the wax just wipes away fast n I'mtalking about hot waxing not no bs rub on paste wax for sintered bases I an Asshole for thinking this and its all in my head...
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    Whatsup guys, new to the forum! I just got a new board as an early christmas present, a libtech hot knife :yahoo: and recently decided to start waxing my own board. i picked up an iron and everything else id need to wax, and waxed last night. the wax job seemed to go well for my first time...
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    Want cheap, quality wax? Check out Papi Wax, a new, modern wax company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wax at the lowest price. We have a buy one get one free sale going on right now for all wax for a limited time! Check out our online stores at and...
1-6 of 6 Results