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weight range

  1. Need some help with size plz

    New to the forums, but was wondering on a size. Im 150 6,4 and been riding a 162, and feels fine, but many people say to step down alittle. I mostly ride Mountain and pow, should I stay in that area even if im alittle under weight for that size? Thanks for the help!
  2. Manufacturer recommended weight

    Hey guys, I just bought my first board! did my research and figured a 156 would be the ideal size for me. I really liked the Forum Kitchen sink (2013) which comes in 154.5 or 157.5 so I decided to go up to the 157.5 and was happy with that decision, until I saw the manufacturer recommended...
  3. Burton Custom Flying V - 160 or 163?

    Hey, Need some quick internet consulting...... Just bought this years custom flying v in a 160, but debating whether I should take it back for the 63. I weigh 220, weight range on the 60 is 195lbs max. On the 63 is 205lbs. Last board was last years 161 attack banana, i found it a bit stiff...